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Coles Fundraising appeal full of pasta-bilities for sick kids

Coles Fundraising appeal full of pasta-bilities for sick kids

Coles has launched a nationwide initiative, in partnership with Hospitals United for Sick Kids, which aims to provide the necessary support to children in hospitals to ensure they can enjoy the comforts of home. 

The campaign seeks to raise funds to support a variety of initiatives and initiatives created by eight partner hospitals, foundations and pediatric services across the country

The scope of these programs, including the acquisition of up-to-date medical equipment, improvement of pediatric centres in hospitals and expansion of ‘hospital at home’ services -He pledges 50 cents will contribute from the sale of an item, and a maximum donation capped at 

$150,000 This charity initiative supports Coles ongoing commitment to Hospitals United for Sick Kids through its Mums Sauce range, with 50 cents off pasta, pizza and sauce with any sales donated to charity throughout the year

Coles ambassador Michael Weldon, who has been heavily involved in the development of the Mums Sauces range, enthusiastically recommends that consumers rally behind the scenes Reflecting on his own experiences, Weldon highlights the huge impact clinical staying longer can have on families. She emphasizes the dual purpose of Mums Sauce, not only as an important fundraising tool but also as a way for families to enjoy a simple but fun home-cooked meal.

Known for its healthiness without added sugar, colours or flavours, Mums Sauce has not only established itself as a must-have store across Australia since launching in 2019 but has also won acclaim for its tremendous contributions, raising more than $7 million in charity for Hospitals United for Sick Kids.

Coles Group Managing Director Corporate and Indigenous Affairs Sally Filke is proud of the enduring partnership between Coles and Hospitals United for Sick Kids. Fielke highlights the personal resonance many members of the Coles team have on the subject, whether through direct experiences or a collective desire to make a positive impact in their communities.

Nicky Bowie, executive director of Hospitals United for Sick Kids, praises the Coles campaign as an easy way for individuals to support vital programs that will benefit sick children and their families. Bowie highlights the inclusive nature of this year’s fundraiser and encourages Australians to get involved by choosing select items on their shopping trip or simply by purchasing a $2 gift card

Funds raised through this year’s campaign will be allocated to coalition partners based on the state or region of purchase. These grants will be based on a range of projects designed to meet the specific needs of each sector. immediately:

  • In Queensland, this funding will support communications monitoring equipment at The Prince Charles Hospital, and sensory play equipment for children with neurological disorders at Caboolture Hospital.
  • The Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation will allocate resources to support the Food Service Dietitian position, aimed at enhancing the dining experience and patient referrals across the Sydney Children’s Hospital network
  • Newcastle’s John Hunter Children’s Hospital will set up a regional childcare virtual care service, allowing children to access vital medical advice and treatment from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation Walbirnini Wabini Boodja will promote natural-space transformation, promote healing through nature and support wellbeing.
  • The Canberra Hospital Foundation will lead innovation to deliver improved pediatric care, ensuring young patients in particular are supported.
  • Victoria’s Monash Children’s Hospital will upgrade its Hospital at Home program, aiming to reduce hospital admissions and enhance the patient and family experience.
  • The Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation of South Australia will provide support for medically fragile babies in foster care from South Australia and the Northern Territory, continuing its ‘cocoon programme’.
  • The Women and Children’s Service at the Royal Hobart Hospital in Tasmania will expand its ‘Process Improvement in Paediatrics’ project, aimed at improving patient and family understanding and preparation for medical procedures.

In addition, Coles suppliers Swiss Wellness and Arnott have pledged their support for the campaign. For every purchase of Swiss Vitamins products or Arnott’s Tiny Teddy Biscuits and Shapes Variety Pack Biscuits at Coles stores or online platforms from April 10 to April 23, 50 cents will be donated, with maximum donations of $60,000 and $35,000, respectively.

Specifically, the efforts of Coles and Hospitals United for Sick Kids exemplify the shared value of making a meaningful difference in the lives of sick children and their families across Australia. Through these collective efforts, communities come together to provide needed resources and support, providing hope, healing, and resilience to adversity.

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