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The Perfect Brew: Coffee Enthusiasts Favor Convenience and Sustainability

European coffee enthusiasts prefer a positive attitude, paying attention to factors such as taste, aroma, branding and affordability when choosing a coffee but the role of packaging should not be underestimated in this decision.

An Amcor survey of packaging leaders in five European countries – Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the UK – shows that packaging size and ease of opening are factors the need for consumers to consider in fact 70% admitted that packaging shakes them up when buying coffee.

Convenience and sustainability are emerging as key factors influencing consumer behaviour. A large proportion of European consumers (20%) have given up coffee due to dissatisfaction with the packaging. Notably, half of the respondents prioritized convenience, and a third said they would not repurchase if the packaging was not user-friendly.

Sustainability also weighs heavily on consumers’ minds, especially among young people aged 18-34, with 46% interested in eco-friendly packaging, a excessive packaging is a major reason why 35% of respondents turn away, especially in Germany, where 43% find it frustrating .

Sustainability claims on packaging are becoming increasingly important, with nearly 60% of Europeans wanting “low plastic” and “recyclable” labels . In the UK, recycling makes a huge impact, with 73% of respondents considering it important.

Amcor’s sustainable packaging solutions, such as the AmPrima® Plus Recycle-Ready range, directly address these customer needs. This solution not only provides innovative new processes but also maintains the standards required in coffee packaging and significantly reduces the carbon footprint compared to conventional packaging materials.

For further insights on coffee packaging and Amcor’s sustainable solutions, interested parties can contact Giorgio Dini, Amcor coffee specialist, at [email protected].

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