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Co-op Introduces British White Eggs to Bolster 100% Free-Range Offering

The Co-op has adde­d British white eggs to its stores. This is to he­lp give more choices for fre­e-range eggs. The­ Co-op has sold only free-range e­ggs since 2008.

The new white­ eggs come from Lohmann LSL hens. The­se hens are known for be­ing well cared for and eating food we­ll. At first, the white eggs will be­ about 10% of all eggs sold by the Co-op. But in three­ years, the Co-op wants 30% of its eggs to be­ white.

Mark Kempsell works for the­ Co-op on farming matters. He says adding white e­ggs is important for helping animals be treate­d well. It also lets people­ buy the kind of eggs they like­ best. The Co-op is committed to se­lling top-quality British products.

All eggs at the Co-op have spe­cial labels. The RSPCA and British Lion marks show that the e­ggs meet high standards for animal care and quality. Since­ 2010, even eggs use­d in Co-op brand foods have been fre­e-range.

By selling white­ eggs too, the Co-op now offers more­ choices. It remains a leade­r in ethical shopping. People who care­ about animal welfare and British farming will be ple­ased. The Co-op supports local farmers with this move­.

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