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Businessman Maik Barycza Starts His Own EDEKA Business

On July 1, Businessman Maik Barycz made a big change in his career. He went from storekeeper to self-employment and became an Edeka merchant. He previously ran the NP store at 49 Bahnhofstrasse in Dessau-Roßlau, part of the EDEKA Minden-Hannover group. Now, as an owner, he is an independent contractor. “I’m excited to make the store more unique,” says Mack. He believes that going into his own business was the right move and plans to continue improving the store by focusing on customer needs. The NP store will be a nah & gut store now.

EDEKA’s long-term project

Mack has been with EDEKA Minden-Hannover for more than 20 years. He began his training as a sales trader in NP in 2002 and worked in various other NP Adeka stores before becoming a store manager in 2008. Since 2023 he has managed the NP store on Bahnhofstraße in Mensdorf becoming a salesman he independently It was the next step in his career. Two main factors influenced his decision: the support of his family and the team, and Adeka’s unity of principle. He values ​​the experience of Edeka’s other independent retailers and the co-op’s sense of community.

Focus on customer satisfaction

Freshness, personalized service and customer satisfaction are key factors for Mack. He knows his customers well and listens to their needs. Its Nah & gut store will offer around 9,000 products in 760 square metres, including discounted GUT&GÜNSTIG products, branded products, regional and international specials Twelve staff in the store are ready to help in the case of inquiries. “Their dedication and enthusiasm is key to our success,” says Mack.

EDEKA’s support for start-ups

Edeca offers a wide range of support to its dealers. This includes not only products, but also financial services, business advice and training. Most Edeka stores are run by independent retailers, which Edeka sees as a key strength. This independent commitment ensures that the stores meet local needs and conditions. Adeka’s cooperative mission is to support these independent, mid-sized businesses in food and retail.


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