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Berry Global Group Boosts Film Recycling Capacity

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Berry Global Group, Inc.’s Flexibles division has recently increased film recycling capacity at three European plants as part of a broader plan to enhance the Sustane® line of recycled polymers. 

Berry Global Group

This design expansion, a key element of Berry’s Impact 2025 sustainability strategy, is designed to align with regulatory mandates designed to meet the growing demand for high-performance films that integrate recycled materials.

Tony Navarre, VP of Sustainability, Innovation, and Strategy for Berry Global’s Resilience Division, emphasised the company’s commitment to enabling customers to exceed their sustainability goals. 

By incorporating high-quality recycled materials into filmmaking with advanced reusability, Berry enables customers to simultaneously meet market demands and regulatory standards.

The expansion involves the use of state-of-the-art equipment at Berry’s factories in Heanor (UK), Stanfeld (Germany), and Zdzieszowice (Poland). This initiative is set to increase the annual amount of plastic recycled at Berry’s European sites to approximately 6600 metric tonnes Not only does it reinforce Berry’s stature as the leading polyethene (PE) recycler in the UK, but in a Berry B circle, it also provides the quality of the recycled materials used, ensuring consistent performance in terms of strength, durability, and safety.

Berry’s Sustain range of recycled polymers epitomises technical excellence while catering to a diverse array of applications previously relying on prime polymers Also, these polymers are third-party certified, supporting the authenticity of chain-link burial information and providing customer traceability and peace of mind,

Many products manufactured at Berry’s European film plants now incorporate more than 30% recycled content, including materials such as stretch hoods, NorDiVent® ventilated bags, Format For® compression film, and peat film.

This effort not only helps customers meet sustainability targets but 30 in total European flexible films by 2025%. It also meets Berry’s aim of providing innovative installations for the replacement of recycled materials.

Through this investment in the use and availability of recycled materials, Berry Global Group, Inc. can build a stronger and more competitive environment. has been able to advance its business.

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