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Asda Opens New 11,000 sq. ft Store in Hale Barns

Asda has opened a new store in Hale Barns. The 11,000 sq. ft store offers a wide range of products, including fresh food, fruits, vegetables, frozen items, and cupboard essentials. The store is located on Central Hale Road, Altrincham.

Key Features

  1. Fresh Bakery: Daily fresh bread and pastries.
  2. Hot Food: Grab-and-go takeaway options.
  3. Deli Counter: Premium cheeses and meats.
  4. Food-to-Go Counters: Includes Panku Sushi and create-your-own pizza.
  5. Café: Serves popular dishes and offers deals like Kids Eat for 1.
  6. Mini Trollies: For kids to enjoy while shopping.

Community Support

Asda is committed to helping the local community. The Asda Foundation has given a 785 grant to Altrincham and Hale FC. The store will donate surplus food to a local food bank and fundraise for charities like Tickled Pink and Children in Need.

Employee Benefits

All 65 employees from the previous store owner, Booths, now work for Asda. Their pay increased from 11.50 to 12.04 per hour from 1st July, making Asda the highest-paying traditional supermarket.

Expansion and Convenience

The Hale Barns store is part of Asdas growth plan. They have opened 470 new Asda Express stores in the last year. Now, Asda has over 1,000 stores in the UK.

Customer Rewards

Asda Rewards lets customers earn pounds instead of points. Since August 2022, six million users have earned 420 million in their Cashpots.

Store details

  1. Parking: more than 160 spaces are available.
  2. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 7am-10pm; 10am-4pm Sunday.

Feroz Patel, Asda’s Vice President of Retail Central , “We can’t wait to open our shop in Hale Barns and bring good products and prices to this community. We’re looking forward to supporting local charities for many years to come.”

Come and visit the new Asda Hale Barns supermarket for an amazing shopping experience full of high quality items as well as help for projects nearby.


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