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Amazon Clarifies Strategy For Dash Carts And Just Walk Out Technology

Amazon Clarifies Strategy For Dash Carts And Just Walk Out Technology

Amazon has clarified its plans for its cutting-edge shopping technology, revealing plans to focus its Just Walk Out technology on smaller retailers and reserve its Dash Carts for larger grocery stores.

The company acknowledges that customers like Amazon dash carts at large grocery stores, where they often start their weekly grocery shopping spree and make bulk purchases

Like Just Walk Out technology, Dash Cart uses advanced computer vision systems and sensor fusion to detect items stored or removed from the cart. Customers can automatically bypass the checkout line, easily exit through a designated Amazon Dash cart channel, and receive an instant receipt via email.

In addition to speeding cash, Dash Cart has features such as a cart screen that displays product location and directions, personalized shopping experiences and real-time tracking of savings and cash after the destruction

Dash Carts are now available at select Whole Foods Market locations, including the US and all markets. Expansion is planned at Amazon Fresh stores and select third-party food outlets

Dilip Kumar, VP of AWS Applications, expressed excitement about DashCart’s future growth, which aims to make purchasing more convenient and more like traditional channels.

Meanwhile, Amazon has committed to its Just Walk Out technology, which is considered ideal for quick shopping trips with fewer items. The company plans to launch a third batch of Just Walk Out small stores by 2024 over the year before, further increasing the footprint of the technology.

Despite the decline per visit, Amazon has sold more than 18 million items in its Just Walk Out stores, which now have more than 140 locations in multiple countries and territories

Prioritizing small stores, Amazon continues to innovate Just Walk Out technology for large retailers, focusing on increasing check-out efficiency with edge computing, advanced algorithms and advanced sensors

Amazon’s checkout-tech portfolio also includes Amazon One, which enables secure transactions using unique hand signatures. The service is available at more than 500 Whole Foods Market stores, numerous Amazon stores, and more than 150 third-party locations.

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