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Ahold Delhaize’s Nominee for CEO of Europe & Indonesia

Ahold Delhaize made a major announcement, appointing Claude Sarrailh as the nominee for CEO of Ahold Delhaize Europe & Indonesia as well as a member of the Management Board. Joining from Metro AG, where he served as the Chief Customer and Merchandise Officer, Claude possesses a broad class of experiences from both growth and mature markets. Being in charge at Metro, in addition to various tasks at Carrefour, has provided him with great knowledge in retail, digital, wholesale, and food service.

His international exposure, especially his stint in China as CEO of Metro China, is a mark of Claude’s capability to cope with Ahold Delhaize’s multi-brand portfolio situated across Europe and Indonesia. Besides, his willingness to develop commercial and strategic competencies, to enhance the perception of talent, and to create inclusive and positive climates which are in line with Ahold Delhaize’s values.

Frans Muller, CEO of Ahold Delhaize, showed enthusiasm for the appointment of Claude by emphasizing his ability in various critical directions for the company growth and transformation strategies. Claude’s appointment marks the start of a big change, which will be replacing Wouter Kolk, the current CEO of Ahold Delhaize Europe & Indonesia, who is going to leave the Management Board.

Claude Sarrailh is nominated to the Management Board with the condition that it gains approval from the shareholders during the next Extraordinary General Meeting. His arrival has set forth a new page for Ahold Delhaize, a page that heleadership and business knowledge will be used to the company’s brands innovative success. His arrival has set forth a new page for Ahold Delhaize, an era that is set to capitalize on his leadership and industry knowledge to drive further the brands of the company to their success and innovation.

Ahold Delhaize Names Alex Holt As Chief Sustainability Officer.

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