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Wholesum Inspires Creativity: Student Art Exhibit at GOPEX

Wholesum Inspires Creativity: Student Art Exhibit at GOPEX

Wholesum is putting a fresh spin on produce at this year’s Global Organic Produce Expo. As proud sponsors, Wholesum not only presents their organic offerings. But also spotlights the artistic talents of local high school students during the expo’s opening reception.

The focal point of the excitement is a Wholesum-curated art exhibition that showcases a colorful selection of works of art that take their organic tomatoes as their inspiration. These works, produced by high school students from Nogales High School, demonstrate the talent and creativity of young artists.

Leading up to the event, Wholesum collaborated with art teachers to introduce students to the project. The students received a variety of Wholesum organic tomatoes, from multicolored heirlooms to snacking tomatoes. To encourage to explore the sensory aspects of each variety. They were tasked with expressing their inspiration through their artwork, focusing on taste, aroma, shape, color, texture, and the unique story behind each tomato.

According to Joanna Jaramillo, Wholesum’s Marketing Manager, featuring students’ artwork aligns with Wholesum’s commitment to community support and creativity. The goal is to inspire youth to perceive produce differently and appreciate it as more than a daily kitchen item.

Carolina Lopez, an art teacher at Nogales High School, expressed excitement about witnessing the evolution of students’ feelings towards tomatoes and seeing their ideas come to life through art.

To enhance engagement, Wholesum has introduced a competition within the exhibit. Attendees at GOPEX can vote for their favorite artworks, with first and second place winners in distinct categories. This interactive voting process allows attendees to connect with the art and contribute to recognizing and encouraging young talent.

The winning students, chosen by popular vote, will receive recognition for their creativity and a cash prize for educational expenses. Moreover, their artwork may feature in Wholesum’s future promotional materials, providing a platform for these emerging artists to showcase their talent to a wider audience.

GOPEX attendees can view the winning art pieces at Wholesum’s booth #228 during the show.

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