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New campaign ALDI supermarkets : Easter’s Back!

This year, ALDI Nord and ALDI SÜD’s Easter celebrations kick off on March 9, focusing on summer fun. The “Finally Easter Again” theme captures the excitement of children and adults as they eagerly await the holiday. 

ALDI supermarkets

Like the first daffodils of the season, the products featured in ALDI’s advertising campaign bloom in absolute glory.

The campaign isn’t just about showcasing Easter favourites; it celebrates diversity. From delicious chocolate bunnies and eggs from MOSER ROTH to fresh fruits, vegetables and savoury offerings from GOURMET FINEST CUISINE, ALDI’s brands cater to all tastes at affordable prices Not that the new campaign film not only brings laughs but also promises treats for Easter tables everywhere.

Christian Göbel, deputy director of marketing communications at ALDI SÜD, emphasises the campaign’s inclusiveness: “With our new 360-degree campaign we are reaching out to consumers at different stages of life, not Easter.

” just a traditional brunch that we focus on.” their particular lifestyle.” ALDI’s commitment to value leadership ensures that everyone, no matter how they celebrate Easter, can rely on them for quality products

Gianfranco Brunetti, Managing Director Marketing & Communications at ALDI Nord, echoes this sentiment: “The campaign reflects ALDI’s appeal to diverse demographics, from the mobile Gen-Z to families and discerning consumers. 

We deliver.”We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of our high-quality brand products at affordable prices” to cater to a wider audience.”

The extensive 360-degree multi-channel campaign to celebrate Easter begins March 9, and runs throughout the month across platforms including print radio, online, out-of-home and social media, with additional TV spots in April following the Easter theme, along with advertising initiatives such as “Finally Barbecue Again.” 

The campaign will shift to barbecue, garden and ice cream themes in ALDI’s comprehensive summer campaign, designed by their main agency antoni_99 and produced by Simon & Paul, of the time It shows emotion. The Easter TV ads can be viewed on the ALDI SÜD and ALDI Nord YouTube channels.

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