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“Unifrutti Group: 2 New Fruit Acquisitions”


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“Unifrutti Group: 2 New Fruit Acquisitions! The Unifrutti Group, a global leader in the production and distribution of hot fruits, has strengthened its foothold in Peru through various acquisition strategies.

Unifrutti Group

The management team has successfully acquired 100% ownership of Bomaria and the Peruvian subsidiary of AvoAmerica (AvoAmerica Peru) from leading US-based wholly-owned entities Solum Partners and Alpine Fresh. This attitude and disruption for the remaining normal conditions highlight Unifrutti’s desire to develop and diversify in the fruit industry.

This acquisition not only strengthens Unifrutti’s presence in Peru but also improves the availability of more fruits through blueberry varieties and top avocados Unifrutti Group CEO Mohamed Elsarki emphasizes the importance of crossing the line and integrating Bomaria and AvoAmerica Peru to provide better customer service worldwide at the same time.

Emphasize alignment with the company’s vision of changing rate-stop results. As blueberries and avocados continue to gain popularity as super-sought-after fruits, these changes support Unifrutti’s mission to meet consumers’ evolving appetites.

As part of Abu Dhabi-based investment holding company ADQ, Unifrutti reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and growth. Elsarki describes Unifrutti’s ambition to emerge as the world’s leading sustainable polyfruit company.

With the addition of Bomaria, Avoamerica Peru and Verfruit (previously acquired), Unifrutti embarks on an ambitious plan to diversify its fruit offering and expand its market position

The combined farms of approximately 2,000 hectares under Bomaria and Avoamerica Peru further strengthen Unifrutti’s position in the market Bomaria, known for its premium blueberry varieties, and Avoamerica Peru, known for its avocado production, provide

valuable knowledge and resources to Unifrutti’s operations Not only does it enable Unifrutti to meet the growing global demand for blueberries and avocados, but it also increases its market share, especially in key areas such as the U.S. and China.

In parallel, Dole Plc has announced that it has decided to transfer its 65% interest in Progressive Produce to PTF Holdings, the parent company of Pacific Trellis Fruit.

This strategic move, valued at $120.25 million (€110.77 million) in revenue, reflects growth in the fruit industry and the companies’ efforts to realign their portfolios in response to market trends, as revealed.

In conclusion, Unifrutti’s recent acquisition underscores its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and international expansion. By adding Bomaria and AvoAmerica Peru to its portfolio, Unifrutti strengthens its position as a pacesetter in the sparkling fruit market,

poised to meet the desires of consumers globally. While persevering to pursue its bold growth approach, the organization stays committed to handing over first-rate fruit and making fine modifications in the industry.

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