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Exploring the Top 10 Food and Drink Trade Exhibitions

Those who know business can attest to this: trade exhibitions are one of the best ways to show off new products, trends, and innovations. These events give everyone a chance to network, gain knowledge, and get opportunities. Check out these top 10 food and drink trade exhibitions that are globally known for giving businesses a platform.

1. SIAL (Paris, France)

SIAL Paris is big on innovation and product diversity in the food and beverage sector. It is where established brands meet startups so they can all show off their cutting-edge products. On this French soil, you get a catalyst for networking and discovering all those forward-driving industry trends.

2. Anuga (Cologne, Germany)

In Cologne, Germany stands an international trade fair that’s got everyone talking. With an unparalleled scale of representation in the food and beverage industry, it’s no surprise Anuga has been around for over a century now. What sets it apart is how comprehensive it is across the board – from gourmet cuisine to organic options to health-oriented foods.

3. Gulfood (Dubai, UAE)

Gulfood attracts global attention as the largest food and beverage trade exhibition worldwide held annually in Dubai; so people take it seriously. It serves as a gateway for businesses into the Middle East market by bringing in countless exhibitors across various sectors of F&B.

4. Food & Drink Expo (Birmingham, UK)

Sometimes we just want what’s ours! The UK hosted its own F&B expo called Food & Drink Expo which showcased traditional favorites alongside innovative culinary delights under one roof in Birmingham.

5. Fancy Food Show (New York, USA)

You might consider getting fancy with us at our New York event if gourmet food items pique your interest! Our event focuses mainly on specialty foods brought to you by the Specialty Food Association.

6. Asia Fruit Logistica (Hong Kong)

Asia is on the way up. With the world watching its rapid economic growth, it’s only right that we have an expo centered around fresh produce and fruit sectors in Hong Kong. This event connects key industry players so they can network with the people that will make a difference.

7. Bar Convent Berlin (Germany)

When you’re looking for something specific, you don’t stop until you find it – and that’s exactly what we had in mind when planning our Bar Convent Berlin event! It exhibits trends in spirits, cocktails, and bar equipment on German soil to give professionals a chance to get a leg up in the industry.

8. Wine & Spirits Show (London, UK)

A deep breath of alcohol hits your nose as soon as you walk through these doors, and if that sounds enticing to you then please come out! The London Wine & Spirits show offers many wines and spirits for tasting and exploration for experts and connoisseurs alike.

9. International Pizza Expo (Las Vegas, USA)

For the pizza aficionados and the professionals — we have something for you. We’re talking about the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, which is an event that attracts pizza makers, suppliers, and industry pros from all around the world. This expo is great if you’re looking to explore all of the latest techniques, ingredients and equipment that’s being used in this business.

Specialty Coffee Expo (Various Locations)

The Specialty Coffee Expo does one thing really well: it moves around. This show is a traveling exhibition that happens at different locations. It brings coffee enthusiasts, roasters and suppliers together under one roof to talk shop. The event itself shines light on every moving part of the coffee supply chain while also promoting sustainable practices in coffee production.

You could argue that each of these top 10 food and drink trade exhibitions play a significant role in shaping this industry as a whole. They give companies like yours invaluable opportunities to network with others who have done what they are trying to do now. On top of that, these shows will also help you discover any innovations or new ideas that are out there which can only lead to growth for your own brand.


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