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Anuga Broadens Global Presence with “Anuga Select”


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Anuga Broadens Global Presence with “Anuga Select”

Anuga, the leading global trade fair for food and beverages, has unveiled its strategic move to expand its global presence under the banner of “Anuga Select.” This initiative marks a pivotal moment in the trade fair’s history, as it aims to solidify its position as a dominant player in the international trade fair landscape. Additionally, standardizing the Anuga brand image is a significant step toward growing the Anuga brand family.

For more than a century, Anuga has been renowned as the premier event in the food and beverage trade fair industry, enjoying global recognition. Its unique trade fair concept and “made in Germany” quality standards have earned the trust of exhibitors and visitors from around the world. The introduction of the “Anuga Select” strategy is designed to further enhance this leadership position and explore new markets.

Anuga will strategically introduce its product family into emerging markets under the “Anuga Select” banner, showcasing the Anuga brand at international satellite events. These efforts are expected to create new business opportunities for exhibitors while reinforcing Anuga’s status as the global platform for the food and beverage industry.

“Anuga Select”: An Entry Point for Businesses

Participating in trade fairs often serves as the initial step for companies seeking to enter new markets. These events provide opportunities to establish valuable contacts, assess market potential, and cultivate business relationships. Anuga, known for its commitment to supporting companies, offers a unified platform through “Anuga Select,” allowing businesses to present their products and services in new markets.

Bastian Mingers, Vice President of Trade Fair Management at Koelnmesse’s food trade fairs, stated, “We understand the needs of our exhibitors and are committed to assisting them in their international endeavors. ‘Anuga Select’ provides our customers with a reliable platform to access global markets and achieve their business objectives. In doing so, we offer smaller regional companies a strong local quality brand and export-oriented companies optimal market access in their respective countries.”

#weareanuga: Fostering a Trade-Fair Community

In addition to the launch of “Anuga Select,” Anuga has introduced the #weareanuga campaign to create a cohesive and identity-building community centered around the Anuga brand. This initiative is being promoted across various social media channels to unite exhibitors, visitors, and trade fair enthusiasts worldwide.

The #weareanuga campaign aims to strengthen the bond between Anuga and its international community. It provides a platform for individuals in the food and beverage industry to connect, share ideas, drive innovation, and discuss the latest trends.

Nils-Holger Glomme, Global Brand Manager of Anuga, remarked, “With #weareanuga, we are establishing a community that shares a passion for the trade fair industry. We want to provide a forum where people can network and succeed together.”

Anuga is dedicated to contributing to the global food and beverage industry and addressing worldwide hunger. The introduction of “Anuga Select” and the #weareAnuga campaign are significant steps toward achieving these goals.

About Koelnmesse: Koelnmesse is a global leader in organizing trade fairs in the food and beverage sector. Events such as Anuga and ISM are established, world-leading trade fairs held in Cologne, Germany. Koelnmesse’s international activities extend to key markets worldwide, including Brazil, China, India, Japan, Colombia, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates, offering customized events and leading regional trade fairs. Koelnmesse also excels in food technology, with events like Anuga FoodTec and ProSweets Cologne and a network of global satellite events.

For more information, visit the Anuga Trade Fair.

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