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The Largest Solar Rooftop Installation In Germany Was Celebrated By Metro In 2023

Metro celebrated for The biggest solar rooftop installation in Germany in 2023

The largest solar rooftop installation in Germany was inaugurated in a momentous celebration, with METRO, Goodman, and Baywa r.e. coming together to mark the occasion. This impressive project is situated atop a logistics site in Marl, showcasing the remarkable commitment to sustainable energy solutions and environmental stewardship. The collaboration between these industry leaders stands as a shining example of the collective efforts to harness renewable energy and promote a greener, more sustainable future for all. This solar rooftop installation serves as a testament to their dedication to innovation and the responsible utilization of resources, further solidifying their positions as pioneers in the renewable energy landscape.

Facility of Largest Solar Rooftop Installation in Germany

With the opening of largest solar rooftop installation facility at the METRO logistics site in Marl, the property group Goodman, the renewable energy firm BayWa r.e., and the wholesaler METRO are delivering a powerful statement about the need to protect the environment and preserve the planet’s natural resources through a concerted effort. Two separate solar rooftop systems will be included in this ground-breaking project; one will have around “Germany’s largest rooftop photovoltaic system now resides here in Marl, in the Ruhr region,” according to Mona Neubauer, Minister for Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Protection, and Energy and Deputy Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia.

This model of cooperation will serve as a guidepost for the creation of environmentally friendly energy in the future and will speed up the adoption of solar power in North Rhine-Westphalia. The photovoltaic system will create sufficient clean energy to satisfy METROLOGICS’ requirements for on-site power while also contributing any surplus to the local power grid. In addition, the entire building complex was awarded a Gold Certificate in Sustainable Building Practices by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

METRO LOGISTICS, which is in charge of operating the property, is able to reap the benefits of solid partnerships with Goodman, which is an international property business, and BayWa r.e., which is a developer, service provider, and provider of renewable energy solutions. “We are consistently expanding our green energy generation capacity, contributing to a rapid energy transition,” emphasizes Christof Prange, Managing Director of Goodman Germany GmbH. The capacity of the 18 MWp project in Marl is similar to the amount of power consumed by 5,100 families.

Large industrial and commercial real estate corporations like Goodman play a vital role in assisting businesses in maximizing the use of their enormous roof areas for the generation of renewable energy, according to Gunter Haug, Chief Operating Officer at BayWa Real Estate. This flagship project serves as a significant example for industrial and logistical organizations that aspire to have a significant impact on environmental sustainability. The global wholesaler METRO attaches a special level of importance to the preservation of the environment in every one of its fields of business. With 102 stores in Germany alone, the challenges are varied and include anything from extending the fleet of electric vehicles and boosting the usage of photovoltaic systems to modernizing the heating infrastructure and transferring the cooling systems to natural refrigerants. According to Christiane Giesen, Member of the Management Board of METRO AG, Chief People and Culture Officer, Labour Director, and Director of METRO AG’s PV plant in Marl, “The commissioning of the PV plant in Marl is a pivotal step in our climate strategy.” METRO has committed to achieving a significant reduction in its worldwide carbon footprint by the year 2021, with the ultimate objective of becoming climate-neutral in its business activities by the year 2040. With the help of our reliable partners and the appropriate legislative framework, we can accomplish this lofty goal, which will make a substantial contribution to the prevention of climate change.

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