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Tetra Pak announces a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions across its value chain since 2019


Tetra Pak announces a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions across its value chain since 2019

Tetra Pak released its 25th Sustainability Report, which shows significant progress towards its sustainability commitments in five key areas: food system, circularity, climate, natural and social development. To coincide with the United Nations World Environment Day on 5 June, major achievements in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, new measures have been highlighted to build products and emphasize long-term social impact strategies.

The sustainability report shows a significant 20% reduction in GHG emissions across the FY23 target schedule and an impressive 47% reduction in Tetra Pak’s own production from 2019. Such progress puts the company on track to achieve the full 2030 target of GHG emissions from its operations. Furthermore, Tetra Pak intends to extend this target across its entire value chain by 2050 by collaborating with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

One of the most important features highlighted in the report is the use of aseptic beverage cartons with paper barriers, which reduced the carbon footprint of the product by 33%. This innovation is a major step towards developing the world’s sustainable food supply. Tetra Pak plans that this investment will continue every year for the next fifteen years to further its development in sustainable packaging.

Adolfo Orive, Chairman and CEO of Tetra Pak, emphasized the importance of collaboration across industries to ensure sustainable food security for the growing global population. “Partnership in the food industry is critical to ensuring sustainable food security for older people,” he said. “Our global presence and end-to-end solutions give us the opportunity to work with all stakeholders in the value chain every day, from farmers and food processors to suppliers, developers, users, and so on. We understand the responsibility that comes with this role. We are committed to doing our part to transform the world’s food systems to ensure they are safe, resilient and sustainable.”

The report also highlights other important achievements and ongoing initiatives aimed at protecting food, people, and the planet. These include:

  • School Meal Program Expansion: Tetra Pak has helped 64 million children in 49 countries, providing access to milk and other healthy beverages through the School Meal Program. This program not only improves child nutrition but also supports local dairy farms.
  • Recycling Efforts Accelerated: The collection and recycling of the company’s cans increased by 7% globally compared to 2022. In addition, the volume of polyAl (polyethylene and aluminum) sent for recycling increased by 14%. These efforts contribute significantly to Tetra Pak’s circular financial objectives.
  • Recognition for Corporate Transparency and Performance: For the eighth consecutive year, Tetra Pak has been included on CDP’s ‘A-list’ for forests, reflecting the company’s approach to forest protection. Additionally, the company scored ‘A-‘ in water security, despite 2019 being the most important year in the report. This recognition underscores Tetra Pak’s commitment to transparent and responsible environmental management.

Tetra Pak’s 25th Sustainability Report not only reinforces the milestone of the company’s journey towards sustainability but also reinforces its commitment to continuous improvement and leadership in the industry. The report is a testament to Tetra Pak’s comprehensive approach to sustainability, which includes responsive sustainable development and collaborative efforts to promote environmental and social impact.

As Tetra Pak continues to invest in learning and development, its focus is on sustainable solutions that meet today’s complex challenges and pave the way to a sustainable future. The company’s holistic approach ensures that every aspect of its operations further contributes to a sustainable, stable, and equitable global food supply. For more related news, click here

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