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Tesco Opens New Isle of Man Store: A Boost for the Community

In a significant move, Tesco is set to open a new Express store on the Isle of Man, signaling the beginning of a series of nine store openings following the acquisition of Shoprite. The grand opening, scheduled for Thursday, February 15, 2024, is not just about expanding Tesco’s presence but also about contributing to the local community.

Isle Listen: A Beneficiary of Tesco’s Generosity

To commemorate the Castletown Express store’s opening, Tesco is generously donating £1,000 to Isle Listen. This local charity plays a crucial role in providing early intervention mental health support and training in schools, workplaces, and the community. Tesco’s commitment to supporting organizations like Isle Listen emphasizes the importance of community well-being.

Tesco’s Ongoing Community Initiatives

Tesco has a long-standing commitment to supporting local communities, and the new stores aim to extend this positive impact through Tesco’s community programs: Tesco Stronger Starts and Community Food Connection. These programs focus on aiding charities and community groups across the Isle of Man.

Tesco Stronger Starts: A History of Giving Back

Over the past seven years, Tesco’s customers on the Isle of Man have actively participated in the blue token voting scheme, Stronger Starts. This initiative has seen grants totaling an impressive £217,504 distributed among 109 groups and causes, showcasing the power of community engagement.

Value for Customers in Challenging Times

In light of economic challenges and pressures on household budgets, Tesco remains dedicated to providing value for its customers. The introduction of Clubcard prices ensures that customers can make significant savings on their grocery bills, aligning with Tesco’s commitment to offering the best deals.

Store Director’s Perspective

Store Director Andy Sanderson expressed excitement about the new store opening, emphasizing the collaboration with local suppliers and the Isle of Man government to provide excellent service, quality products, and value for customers. The refurbishment of old Shoprite stores has been a collective effort, and the store openings are set to create approximately 120 new jobs, all sourced from the local community.

Community Involvement: A Call to Action

Tesco invites local groups that could benefit from Tesco Stronger Starts funding to apply through their dedicated platform. This opportunity further strengthens Tesco’s connection with the community, fostering collaboration and support for local initiatives.

Community Food Connection: A Holistic Approach

Tesco’s Community Food Connection scheme, conducted in partnership with FareShare and Olio, focuses on food redistribution. Each month, three million meals are donated across the UK from Tesco stores, underscoring the supermarket’s commitment to addressing food waste and supporting those in need.


Tesco’s new Isle of Man store is more than just a retail expansion—it’s a testament to the company’s commitment to community well-being and support. The grand opening, marked by a generous donation to Isle Listen, sets the tone for Tesco’s ongoing positive impact through community-focused initiatives.

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  1. How can local groups apply for Tesco Stronger Starts funding?
    • Local groups can apply for Tesco Stronger Starts funding through the dedicated application portal at Tesco Stronger Starts.
  2. What is the significance of clubcard prices for Tesco customers?
    • Clubcard prices offer Tesco customers significant savings on their grocery bills, providing value during challenging economic times.
  3. How does Tesco contribute to food redistribution through the Community Food Connection scheme?
    • Tesco collaborates with FareShare and Olio to donate three million meals across the UK each month, addressing food waste and supporting those in need.
  4. How many new jobs are expected to be created with the opening of the Isle of Man store?
    • The Isle of Man store openings are set to create approximately 120 new jobs, all sourced from the local community.
  5. Where can I find more information about Tesco’s Community Food Connection scheme?
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