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SPAR Gran Canaria’s Free Essential Bags for Shoppers

SPAR Gran Canaria has launched a series of savings initiatives to enhance shoppers’ experiences and contribute to the local economy.

From January 24 to February 8, the supermarket chain treated customers spending over €20 to a complimentary bag filled with private label products, totaling a whopping €21,000 in campaign value.

Each bag, valued at €30, contained a diverse range of 30 products spanning categories like milk, chickpeas, rice, pasta, biscuits, jam, water, cleaning materials, and personal hygiene products.

This initiative builds on the success of similar campaigns in 2023, where SPAR Gran Canaria distributed a generous 2,700 bags worth €102,000, along with discount vouchers totaling €25,000 and wallet cards valued at €45,400.

SPAR Gran Canaria is committed to year-round savings for its customers, unveiling plans for ongoing initiatives. These include bi-weekly promotional offers, exclusive fruit and vegetable deals every Wednesday, and special discounts during the last weekend of each month.
Adding to the savings arsenal is the ‘My SPAR Club’ loyalty card, offering cardholders a range of benefits, including special offers and access to discount coupons. Larger families can also enjoy fixed discounts on all purchases at any of the 196 SPAR stores in Gran Canaria.

To enroll in this system, families can apply for the ‘My SPAR Club’ loyalty card, providing official documentation from the Government of the Canary Islands. Once approved, these families gain direct discounts on all their future purchases. SPAR Gran Canaria remains dedicated to making shopping affordable and rewarding for its valued customers.

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