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Spar Austria Launches Fresh Employer Branding Initiative

Fresh Employer Branding Initiative Launches By Spar Austria

Austrian retail specialist SPAR Austria is launching a new campaign called “Hier ist du der SPAR” to shine a spotlight on its employees. In a nutshell, the whole campaign quotes,

“Here, you are SPAR,” emphasizing the importance of each employee to the company. SPAR Austria is largely a family business, entirely Austrian, and is responsible for employing around 51,000 people nationwide.

The campaign is a big deal for SPAR Austria because it’s all about showing how they value their employees. They spread the word through TV ads, social media and their stores.

The message is clear: SPAR Austria is not just a factory; It is a place where employees are valued and appreciated. Whether you work in a shop, drive delivery trucks or work in a factory, SPAR Austria wants you to know that you matter.

The campaign is also about showcasing the various projects at SPAR Austria. They’re not just looking for investors; They need bakers, deli workers, truck drivers, and more. In addition, internships are offered in a wide range of settings so that employees can learn and grow.

In recent years, SPAR Austria has created more jobs, giving people more opportunities to work and develop their skills.

Whether you want to grow in Austria or explore opportunities in other countries where SPAR operates, growing in SPAR Austria is the place for you.

The company has been around for a while, starting in 1954. Owned by Austrian families, it has expanded to other countries such as Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and northern Italy

SPAR Austria is proud of its roots and commitment to its employees now and in the future.

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