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Sonoco Unveils Groundbreaking EnviroCan™ Paper Bottom, Redefining Sustainable Packaging Standards

Sonoco Unveils Groundbreaking EnviroCan™ Paper Bottom, Redefining Sustainable Packaging Standards! The call for sustainable solutions resonates more than ever in today’s consumer landscape, encouraging businesses to change their practices to meet evolving demands. Ready to change and innovate in response to growing environmental consciousness among consumers, the packaging industry is at the forefront of this change

With projections showing that Millennials and Gen Z are set to surpass Boomers in purchasing power by 2030, there is a paradigm shift underway. This younger demographic, with 27% wanting to support brands that align with their values, is reshaping market dynamics. For companies that strive to remain relevant, investing in sustainable packaging is not an option but a necessity.

Sonoco, a leader in packaging innovation, unveils its latest success: the EnviroCan™ Paper Bottom. Currently available in both Europe and North America, this revolutionary yacht exemplifies the fusion of environmental stewardship and marketing expertise.

Sonoco’s EnviroCan™ Paper Bottom: A Recyclable Packaging Pioneer 

The paper-signed EnviroCan™ represents a milestone in sustainable packaging. With a paper content of over 90%, this product extends the shelf life of materials and allows them to be recycled. Made from renewable materials and boasting 100% recycled paper, with 85-90% coming from post-recycled materials, EnviroCan™ sets a new standard for packaging environmentally friendly.

Under rigorous testing at Western Michigan University, EnviroCan™ demonstrated exceptional reliability and recyclability, achieving over 85% recovered fiber non-degradable performance Its robust design ensures that the products are fresh and protected throughout the delivery process, ending in a fully recyclable solution.

Sonoco Unveils Groundbreaking EnviroCan™ Paper Bottom in Focus: A Holistic Approach to Sustainability

Sonoco’s EnviroCanTM journey exemplifies circularity, from inception to end-of-life.

Source: Sonoco begins with a commitment to renewable energy and recycling to reduce reliance on virgin raw materials, laying the foundation for sustainable manufacturing

Manufacturing: Designed to seamlessly integrate into existing manufacturing processes, EnviroCan™ facilitates the effortless adoption of sustainable packaging, enabling companies to embrace circular a there is no violence

Customer Use: By extending the life of products and managing food waste, EnviroCan™ increases customer satisfaction, while providing sustainable quality to customers, and to customers, retailers and all distributors benefit

End of Life: Designed to be recyclable, EnviroCan™ encourages consumers to actively participate in the circular economy, ensuring that packaging materials are recycled into new paper products. 

“Closing the Loop”: By focusing on recycling, consumers play an important role in the sustainability of the circular system. By simply recycling EnviroCan™, individuals help reduce the demand for virgin materials and reduce waste, contributing to sustainability at every level

Marketing and Reliability: Sonoco’s commitment to innovative sustainable packaging earns accolades, including an honorary “Best in Class for Sustainable Package Design – Package Circularity” award at the PAC Global Awards in 2024. Not as a recognition such not only confirms EnviroCan™ circular design expertise but also builds customer confidence. The study shows that explicit sustainability efforts are associated with increased consumer spending, positioning Sonoco as a credible leader in packaging to go so that it will remain forever. Packaging solutions such as EnviroCan™ in an era defined by environmental thinking. For more related news, click here.

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