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Morrisons And Sea Forest Reduce Beef Emissions

Morrisons Teams Up with Sea One to Tackle Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Morrisons And Sea Forest Reduce Beef Emissions! Morrisons has teamed up with Earthshot Award finalist and environmental generation leader Sea One to tackle greenhouse gas emissions from pig farming This partnership aims to make a difference at Morrisons supply chain to run the red meat industry with reduced carbon footprints.

Exclusive Sea One models will be produced with Myton Food Group, a Morrisons manufacturing unit, using SeaFeed™, designed to reduce methane emissions from livestock The partnership aims to produce environmentally friendly pigs such as mince, burgers, steaks and joints will be in Morrisons stores by 2026; Meat items are brought in, pending approval

This partnership aims at Morrisons commitment to achieving agricultural emissions from its direct input farms by 2030. Research has shown that adding SeaFeed™ to red beef cattle feed can reduced methane production by up to 67%. Maintaining the flavor and enjoyment of the meat at the same time.

Sophie Throop, technology and sustainability director at Myton Food Group for Morrisons, highlighted the store’s position in supporting sustainable agricultural practices: “As a direct customer of British agriculture more, we are able to help farmers adopt more sustainable methods.”

Sea One CEO Sam Elsom highlighted the importance of delivering its methane reduction solutions through Morrisons, a leading UK retail and catering manufacturer: “The merger with Morrisons is an important step for Sea One in.” our plan to reduce methane emissions SeaFeed™ climate challenges ” Provides a sustainable approach to and contributes to international food security.”

The collaboration also includes Morrisons’ research with Queen’s University Belfast, exploring seaweed’s potential to reduce methane in farm animals diets, similarly supporting their sustainability goals.

Professor Sharon Huws from Queen’s University Belfast expressed enthusiasm about the studies collaboration: “Working with Morrisons and Sea Forest allows us to offer scientific evidence critical for achieving net zero emissions within the red meat supply chain. This partnership suggests how our studies can provide answers for the rural area and our planet’s fitness.”

Morrisons’ Broader Sustainability Efforts

Morrison’s broader sustainability efforts consist of decreasing plastic use and sourcing sustainable merchandise across its operations. Their purpose to source exclusively from internet 0 carbon British farms via 2030 demonstrates their dedication to environmental sustainability, exceeding market expectancies by way of five years.

In 2023, Morrisons performed a large milestone because the first supermarket to introduce carbon-neutral eggs, underscoring their dedication to environmental sustainability throughout their business operations.


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