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Lidl’s New Venture in Hadsund


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On the 7th of March, at precisely 11:00:00 CET, Lidl is set to inaugurate its latest store at Broparken 2 in Hadsund. Steering this new endeavor is Jesper Hovedskou, a seasoned store manager with an extensive track record within Lidl.

Hovedskou, having traversed the dynamic landscape of Lidl’s busiest stores, is now gearing up to embed his experience in Hadsund. The goal is clear: to ensure that the store’s quality and customer experience align harmoniously with the picturesque waterside backdrop.

“When customers exit our store, it’s our aim to leave them with a smile and everything on their shopping list successfully crossed off,” affirms the 35-year-old Hovedskou, who embarked on his Lidl journey in 2006 as a substitute and swiftly ascended through various leadership roles.

The forthcoming Lidl store in Hadsund promises a diverse team of experienced local and external shopkeepers, carefully selected from other Lidl stores and the Hadsund vicinity. Hovedskou is eager to commence this new chapter, expressing enthusiasm about assembling a team passionate about serving both colleagues and customers.

“I look forward to building a well-functioning store from the ground up. Our fantastic team is ready to present our unique concept and product range to the local community,” adds Hovedskou. He emphasizes the joy of customer interaction, relishing in the small talk and the satisfaction derived from assisting customers in finding what they need.

The grand opening celebration on March 7th at Broparken 2 starts with breakfast and coffee at 07:30, preceding the official store opening at 08:00. Customers can explore a plethora of sharp offers on this auspicious occasion.

For those eager for a sneak peek, a neighborhood evening on March 6th provides an exclusive opportunity to visit the store before its official opening. While shopping is not available during this event, tastings of select Lidl products will be offered.

Invitations to the local community will precede the store’s opening. Regular operating hours from 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily will commence after the opening day, where the store will open at 8:00 a.m. The event marks not just the opening of a store but a celebration of gastronomic exploration and community engagement in Hadsund.

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