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John West Brand Introduces Ecotwist®, A Packaging Game-Changer

John West Brand and Thai Union Introduces Ecotwist®, A Packaging Game-Changer!  Thai Union, a global leader in seafood, has announced the launch of John West’s ECOTWIST® underground packaging solution. These new packaging products are designed to be easy to use, sustainable and significantly reduce waste. From today, British shoppers can find ECOTWIST® in all Asda stores, with other major retailers soon to follow.

Basic Steps In Packaging

John West UK hails ECOTWIST® as “the leading packaging innovation in the category.” This is the most significant change in UK ambient tuna packaging over the last 20 years. This innovative packaging makes it easier for customers to enjoy John West’s high-quality tuna without having to deal with excess packaging and waste.

Paul Reenan, President of Thai Association Europe, shared that John West UK spent three years developing this unique solution. The result is a packaging format that stands out in the market for its ease of use, storage and recyclability. Establishing its own packaging facility in the UK allows John West to offer a faster and larger range of products to suit its customers, setting it apart from competitors

Contributing To Sustainability

The ECOTWIST® barrel tower held by SmartStrip® uses a redesigned, lightweight barrel that collects the same amount of tuna for a smaller quantity This innovation saves over 400 tonnes of metal per year. Additionally, the smaller reduces the amount of by-products such as sunflower oil or salt, saving an additional 1,500 tons of products that customers rarely use ECOTWIST® also eliminates packaging waste, and it avoids about 65 tons of plastic shrink wrap or 300 tons of paper every year. British customers can use SmartStrip® to recycle metal bottles through the UK’s kerbside recycling network.

Seachange® 2030 Compliant

Adam Brennan, Chief Sustainability Officer of the Association of Thailand, said that ECOTWIST® supports their SeaChange® 2030 sustainability strategy on three fronts. First, it converts bulk materials to sustainable packaging 100%, helping the Thai Association move closer to its goal of sustainably packaging all types of products by year the end of the next. Second, the weight savings contribute to their goal of reducing supply chain greenhouse gas emissions by 42% by 2030. Finally, through ECOTWIST® with the introduction of several MSC-certified products, John West will include its products in line with Thai Association tuna all branded by 2025 Commitment that tunas will be MSC-certified or have reliable fish development services in.

Leading The Market On Sustainability

All John West ‘No Drain’ ECOTWIST® products are already MSC certified, and the company aims to have all ECOTWIST® ranges MSC certified by the end of 2025 , . ahead of other brands and vendors’ own brands.

About the Union of Thailand

Thai Union Group PCL has been a world leader in seafood for 47 years, known for its quality, healthy, and fresh products. The company has annual sales of over THB 136.2 billion (US$3,912 billion) and more than 44,000 global employees dedicated to pioneering sustainable seafood production

Commitment to sustainability

The Thailand Association is committed to “Healthy Lives, Healthy Oceans” and is a member of the United Nations Global Compact. Their sustainability strategy, SeaChange® 2030, sets ambitious goals for people and the planet. The company has been recognized in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for 10 consecutive years and has topped the Seafood Stewardship Index (SSI) three times in a row It is also listed in the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook 2024 and is named FTSE4Good Emerging Index for eight consecutive years. For more information on their sustainability efforts, visit


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