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How Many Calories are in a KFC Pot Pie?

How Many Calories are in a KFC Pot Pie?

Have you ever wondered how many calories are in a KFC Pot Pie? You’re not alone! As fast food menus continue to expand and the demand for comfort foods intensify, people are increasingly asking this question. So if you’re looking for answers on calorie counts at your favorite fast food spot, read on! We have all the information you need to make informed decisions when it comes to what dishes to pick up from KFC’s menu – including their classic Pot Pie. Get ready as we break down exactly what goes into one of these greasy pies and just how many calories you’ll be consuming.

What is in a Pot Pie from KFC and how many calories are in a pot pie from KFC

A KFC Pot Pie is a classic and comforting dish consisting of a delicious creamy chicken pot pie filling that’s baked inside of a golden, flaky crust. The traditional ingredients in the pie are chunks of white meat chicken, mixed vegetables (carrots, potatoes, corn), gravy, and seasonings all wrapped in an original recipe crust.

When it comes to calories, KFC’s pot pie clocks in at 490 calories per pie. But if you’re looking for more specifics on the calorie content of each ingredient, here’s a breakdown of what goes into one Pot Pie and just how many calories are packed into each:

  • Chicken – 110 calories
  • Vegetables – 95 calories
  • Gravy – 80 calories
  • Crust – 205 calories

The breakdown of fat, carbohydrates, fiber, and protein contained in each Pot Pie

A KFC Pot Pie has 23 grams of fat, 41 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber and 15 grams of protein. It’s important to keep in mind that these numbers are estimates as it depends on the specific ingredients used and how much is in each pie.

Putting it all together

To sum it up, we now know that a KFC Pot Pie consists of chunks of white meat chicken, mixed vegetables (carrots, potatoes, corn), gravy and seasonings wrapped in an original recipe crust. It contains 490 calories per pie with 23 grams of fat, 41 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber and 15 grams of protein.

Now that you know the calorie count of a KFC Pot Pie and the ingredients included in each pie, you can make an informed decision when it comes to ordering this dish from their menu.

How does the KFC Pot Pie compare to other fast food items?

When it is compared to other items on the KFC menu, the Pot Pie is a relatively calorically dense item. While there are certainly lower calorie options like small sides of coleslaw (90 calories) and mashed potatoes (140 calories), those don’t provide nearly as much protein or satisfaction that comes with a full-sized meal. When compared to other fast food chain’s classic meals, the Pot Pie is still a high-calorie item. For instance, Burger King’s Whopper clocks in at 630 calories and McDonalds’ Big Mac has 540 calories.

While it’s important to note that calorie counts are just one part of a healthier lifestyle, knowing how many calories are in an order can help you pick which meal to indulge in. To make it easier to decide, consider the other nutritional values in each item. KFC’s Pot Pie may be high in calories, but it also contains a good amount of fiber and protein that could help you feel full and satiated for longer.

Alternatives to the Pot Pie – lower calorie options at KFC

Some people might not be able to afford the high-calorie count of a KFC Pot Pie. If you’re looking for lower calorie options, KFC does offer some alternatives. The Grilled Chicken Sandwich is a great option with only 310 calories and plenty of protein. For those who want something even lighter, you can opt for grilled chicken strips which come in at just 130 calories per piece. You can also get sides of green beans, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob for under 100 calories each. Lastly, KFC offers a range of salads with dressings that contain anywhere from 50 to 200 calories.

No matter what meal you decide to go for, remember to keep an eye out on portion sizes when ordering from fast food restaurants. Even lower calorie items can quickly add up if you order too much, so keep this in mind and make sure to consume your meals mindfully.

To round out the meal, KFC offers a range of beverages that come in under 200 calories each including teas, lemonades and their fresh brewed iced tea.

How Many Calories are in a KFC Pot Pie?
How Many Calories are in a KFC Pot Pie?

How to make your own healthier version of a KFC Pot Pie at home

How Many Calories are in a KFC Pot Pie?
How Many Calories are in a KFC Pot Pie?

If you want to enjoy the flavor of a KFC Pot Pie without all the added calories, you can try making your own healthier version at home. Instead of using creamy gravies and pre-packaged crusts from the store, opt for ingredients like low-fat milk and Greek yogurt for creamier textures as well as whole wheat pastry flour for the crust.


To make the filling, sauté some fresh vegetables like carrots, onions and mushrooms in a little olive oil before adding your cooked chicken and seasoning. For a creamy texture to the sauce, mix fat-free Greek yogurt with low-fat milk. Top it off with the whole wheat pastry crust and brush some butter on top for that golden brown color.

Tips for tracking daily caloric intake and best practices for healthy eating

No matter what you decide to eat, it’s important to remember that caloric intake is just one part of a healthy lifestyle. To make sure you’re on track with your health goals, consider tracking your daily calories and macronutrients. A great place to start is by using apps like MyFitnessPal which can help you monitor what goes into your body each day and ensure that you’re getting the right balance of nutrients.

In addition, be sure to focus on incorporating whole foods into your diet, limiting processed and refined foods as much as possible. Eating a range of nutrient-dense foods from all food groups can not only help you reach and maintain a healthy weight but also provide your body with key vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Try to be mindful when you’re eating. Take the time to savor each bite and truly enjoy your meals without rushing through them or mindlessly consuming large portions. This can help you better assess your hunger cues and prevent overeating or overconsumption of calories.

A closer look at the nutritional value of fast food meals in general

When it comes to fast food, it’s important to take into consideration the other ingredients and their nutritional benefits. Although KFC Pot Pie is calorically dense, its contents provide a good amount of protein and fiber that can help keep you full for longer periods of time.

However, some fast food items can be devoid of any true nutrition due to their high fat and sugar content. Fried foods such as French fries, chicken nuggets and mozzarella sticks contain large amounts of unhealthy fats which can increase your cholesterol levels over time. Items like shakes, lemonades and sodas are packed with added sugars that can cause an influx in blood sugar levels leading to energy crashes later on.


Is the chicken pot pie at KFC healthy?

  • It depends on your overall health goals. The KFC Pot Pie is high in calories, but it also contains protein, fiber and a few other important nutrients that can help you feel satiated. If used as an occasional indulgence, the KFC Pot Pie can be enjoyed without feeling guilty. However, if you are trying to maintain or lose weight, it may be best to opt for a lower calorie option.

How many calories are there in a KFC pot pie?

  • A regular KFC Pot Pie contains 510 calories. For those looking for a lower calorie option, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich has only 310 calories and the grilled chicken strips come in at 130 calories per piece.

What is the healthiest thing at KFC?

  • The healthiest item at KFC would be their grilled chicken strips which contain only 130 calories per piece. They are cooked in a pressure cooker with no added oil, so they are an excellent source of lean protein. Additionally, you can opt for one of their salads such as the Crispy Twister Salad which is packed with fresh vegetables and contains 260 calories.


KFC Pot Pies are a great option for those who are looking for a slightly healthier meal at a fast food restaurant. While they may contain more calories than other items, they also provide valuable sources of protein and fiber that can be beneficial to your health. After reviewing the findings from this article, you now have a better understanding of the nutritional information contained within the KFC Pot Pie. So, next time you’re playing your order and want something easy yet satisfying, ask yourself “How Many Calories are in a KFC Pot Pie?” and decide if it might fit into your dietary goals!


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