Thursday, July 25, 2024

Celebrating Cocoa: Happy World Chocolate Day with Mars, Inc

Every year, chocolate enthusiasts around the world celebrate Happy World Chocolate Day, and this year Mars, Inc. is celebrating chocolate. celebrating World Chocolate Day. The global candy giant can use this opportunity to emphasize its commitment to sustainable cocoa farming and the communities that enable chocolate production.

Mars, Inc., the name behind such beloved brands as M&M’s, Snickers, and Dove, has long recognized the importance of sustainable cocoa. On this World Chocolate Day, they reaffirmed their commitment to responsible cocoa farming practices that not only secure the future of chocolate but also support the livelihoods of cocoa farmers.

Mars’ efforts have been included in the launch of the Cocoa for Generations program in 2018. The program aims to create a modern, inclusive and sustainable cocoa supply The strategy focuses on three key areas: farmers’ income improvement, child protection and forest conservation. By 2025, Mars aims to source 100% of its cocoa through the Cocoa for Generation program.

The company also announced new partnerships and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of cocoa farmers. These programs include training on best agricultural practices, women empowerment and supporting community development projects

Today, as we sip on our favourite chocolates, Mars, Inc. announced that it will be releasing $1. remembering the arduous journey of our cocoa beans – from the plantations of West Africa to the wineries we taste there. Their message is clear: Celebrating chocolate means celebrating the people and planet that make it possible.

About Mars, Inc

Mars, Inc., founded in 1911 by Frank C. McCarthy, has grown from a small confectionery business to one of the world’s largest privately held companies.

Mars supports local initiatives in health, education and economic empowerment, and strives to create lasting positive change. With more than 130,000 Associates in more than 80 countries, Mars continues to innovate and protect a value-added strategy.

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