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Diageo reveals the top trending flavors of the summer in their latest ‘Flavour Forecast’

Diageo, the company behind popular brands such as Smirnoff, Gordon and Guinness, has revealed its ‘taste forecast’ for summer, highlighting five key flavor trends that will influence global partnerships: Umami, Spicy , Tropical, Treating and Bloom harvest.

Identified in partnership with Ai Palette, an AI machine learning tool that analyzes global internet and social media conversations, Diageo’s ‘Flavour Forecast’ predicts the following trends this summer

Umami Universe

The demand for unique and delicious umami flavors is growing. Ingredients like turmeric (up 79% in the UK), gochujang (up 55% in the US), and even Parmesan espresso martinis (up 12% in the US) are gaining in popularity This trend reflects a broader cultural appeal in cooking in experiences , paralleled by K-pop. is growing in popularity and, in shows like ‘Squid Game’, reflects the growing influence of Korean and other Asian cultures

Spicy Spark

Spicy flavors are creating a global sensation. Discussions of jalapenos (up 32% in the UK), pepperoncini (up 53% in Australia) and chili (up 36% in the US) point to a growing consumer desire to enjoy social situations In the U.S. the Latin Tex-Mex cuisine is such that it surpasses Italian cuisine in terms of popularity, The shift is evident as nearly half of UK consumers add hot sauce to their meals

Tropical Takeover

The charm of tropical flavors is creating a sturdy comeback as human beings searching for extra adventurous and amazing studies. Ingredients like tamarind (up 50% inside the US), guava (up 18% inside the UK), and passionfruit (up 25% in Thailand) are driving this trend. As society movements beyond the restrictions of lockdown, the vibrant and joyful essence of tropical flavors provides a miles-needed sense of journey in each day lifestyles.

Four. Treating Temptation 

New textures and revolutionary strategies are redefining conventional ‘treating flavors’ into sophisticated, multi-layered reviews. With a good sized increase in purchasers valuing life’s small pleasures (up 63%), flavors like espresso (up 12% within the UK), hazelnut (up ninety one% globally), and nutmeg (up 78% globally) are trending. The reputation of indulgent desserts like the Affogato, hailed as ‘Fashion’s Favorite Dessert’ by using Vogue, suggests that decadent cocktails is probably changing conventional cakes.

Diageo Bloom Harvest

A developing hobby in nature and eco-recognition is influencing flavor trends. The 2024 Met Gala’s ‘The Garden of Time’ subject and a 172% growth in searches for ‘a way to forage’ inside the UK underscore this fascination. Consumers are increasingly discussing domestically sourced substances (up 44%), with floral and natural infusions which includes elderflower (up sixty seven% in France) and rhubarb (up 36% in Canada) gaining reputation.

Mark Sandys, head of innovation at Diageo, said, “How we socialize today is influenced by many factors, such as cultural diversity, an appreciation of the outdoors and a desire to be adventurous. These factors.” and showcases the beverages and flavors customers will enjoy during the summer Smirnoff Spicy.” Tamarind, As Johnnie Walker and Umami.”

Diageo’s ‘Flavour Forecast’ includes findings from Diageo’s ‘Foresight System’, a digital tool for Diageo ‘Distilled’ consumer trend reporting that tracks global internet and social media conversations This comprehensive analysis provides insight into broader consumer trends leading to this taste preference, e.g. There is joy in the eco-conscious ‘Betterment Brands’ boosting Bloom Harvest products and the global interest in ‘unique products and experiences’ boosting umami flavours.

Ai Palette’s collaboration with Diageo provides valuable insights for any brand in the food and beverage sector, providing additional inspiration to lead consumer behaviour. For more A brand-related news, click here.


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