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Berry Transitions Grillo’s to Recyclable, Spill-Proof, Easy-Open Jars

Berry Global and Grillo’s Pickles Team Up

Berry Transitions Grillo’s to Recyclable, Spill-Proof, Easy-Open Jars! Berry Global Group, Inc., is a leader in packaging solutions. has teamed up with Grillo’s Pickles to create a new, innovative pickle jar. These new containers are spill-resistant and easy to open, enhancing the overall user experience. The molds are made from recyclable polypropylene (PP), allowing for easy, mess-free opening.

Dealing With Customer Complaints

Adam Kaufman, president and CEO of Grillo’s Pickles, revealed that the ultimate goal was to address customers’ biggest complaint: spilling water when opening the original jar. “We wanted the quality of our packaging to match the quality of our product,” Kaufman said. With the help of Berry Global, this goal was achieved, with waterproof and spill-resistant molds.

The Contents Of The Other Bottle

Custom jars have many features to enhance the user experience

Spill-proof jars are designed: The jars have locking mechanisms that prevent water from leaking when opened and closed.

Ease of grip: The pickle-style side grip ensures excellent control during handling.

Vertical Labeling: The labels in the cabinets retain Grillo’s homemade aesthetic, simplifying the process of entry by eliminating the need for labels.

Recyclable and usable: Unlike traditional glass bottles, these PP molds are recyclable and durable, and making it ideal for storage and transport.

Effective Methodology

Designed in collaboration with Berry’s interior design studio Blue Clover Studio, the cabinets went through an art pieces concept workshop at Berry’s headquarters in Streetsboro, Ohio, and Evansville, Indiana. Berries are also produced in various plants in the city.

Commitment To Innovation

Jeff Hill, chief account officer for Berry’s Consumer Packaging North America division, emphasized Berry’s commitment to innovation. “By combining our deep innovation expertise with valuable customer insights, we can create products that elevate the customer experience, while supporting the circular economy,” said Hill.

Blue Clover Studios design director Scott Fisher added that collaborating with clients from concept to final product helps streamline the process, resulting in improved brand and consumer experiences and speed faster to market occurs

About Berry Global

Berry Global Group, Inc. (NYSE: BERY) is dedicated to developing innovative packaging solutions that improve the lives of people and the planet. With over 40,000 global employees and more than 250 locations, Berry Global leverages its global capabilities and sustainability leadership to serve customers of all sizes Driven by their commitment to the circular economy their new solution.

About Grillo’s Pickles

Grillo’s Pickles stands out for its use of clean, fresh garden ingredients. Created with 100-year-old family recipes, their products offer satisfying nourishment without artificial preservatives. Grillo’s Pickles are available nationwide in a variety of styles, including spikes, chips and whole.


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