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Arla Foods invests €210M In UK Facility To Boost mozzarella


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Arla Foods invests €210 million in a UK facility to boost mozzarella! Leading global dairy industry player Arla Foods is making waves with its latest investment in the prime Tow Valley site in south-west England This strategic initiative is the company’s Future26 strategy. Its seriousness matches and demonstrates an unwavering commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainable development.

As a farmer-owned company with a rich heritage, Arla Foods has skyrocketed among the world’s leading mozzarella producers. The introduction of state-of-the-art processing technology at the Taw Valley dairy plant is a significant milestone, representing the largest investment Arla has ever made in the UK This bold move underlines the approach taken by Arla, which is actively adapting to the dynamics of the market and meeting the ever-expanding needs with emphasis on its diverse customer base.

Having boasted double-digit growth over the last five years due to high demand for quality mozzarella, especially in the dynamic global catering segment, Arla’s has arrived at an unprecedented heaven

Executive Vice President and COO, Peter Giortz-Carlsen, emphasizes the critical role this investment plays in establishing Arla’s leadership position within the mozzarella landscape.

He emphasizes that although Arla enjoys a strong position in the market, continued efforts are necessary to maintain its scale and successfully meet its strategic objectives.

This investment not only gives Arla the ability to meet changing customer preferences but also reinforces its commitment to delivering greater value for its esteemed farmer-owners.

The integration of state-of-the-art technologies at the Taw Valley site heralds a new era of process improvement and innovation for Arla Foods.

This advanced system empowers Arla to offer unparalleled flexibility to meet customers’ needs, whether for browning, texture or spreading characteristics of mozzarella Notably, a simple process facilitated by patented technology significantly reduces aging from a fortnight to just one day, thereby optimizing efficiency and product construction.

Executive Vice President and Head of Supply Chain David Boulanger hails the transformational investment as a catalyst for Arla’s global mozzarella business.

The advanced capacity at the Taw Valley facility, coupled with Arla’s deep understanding of market dynamics, positions the company for continued growth and increased competitiveness in the global premium Mozzarella supply chain. This facility is ready to meet the growing demand from the global food industry.

Furthermore, this investment exemplifies Arla’s unwavering commitment to continued growth, efficiency and high-quality products. Through innovations in the renewal of process capabilities and the application of technological advances, Arla strives to fulfil its strategic ambitions, encourage growth and drive profitability There is always fruit for its devoted farmers.

Production efforts are expected to wrap up in 2026, with the first products from the refurbished site set to be released next year Importantly, this capital investment will have no impact on Arla Foods’ existing mozzarella production facilities in Denmark and reaffirm the company’s commitment to diversify operations and options according to flexibility.

About Arla Foods invests

Arla Foods’ global footprint extends to Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, offering popular brands such as Arla®, Lurpak®, Pak®, and Castello® based on the principles of product, it will be sustainable so proud of its sound agricultural practices, Arla Worldwide Remains strong in its mission to provide consumers with quality, nutritious dairy products. Notably, as the world’s largest producer of organic dairy products, Arla exemplifies industry leadership and innovation, setting the standard for excellence in the global dairy industry is established.

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