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At the policy summit, IFPA CEO supports the fresh produce sector

At the Agriculture Pulse 2024 Ag Food Policy Summit in Washington, D.C., yesterday, Kathy Burns, IFPA  CEO of the International Crop Produce Association (IFPA), reaffirmed the organisation’s commitment to an official sustainable farm system strategy and the Capitol Hill Summit with policymakers,


As a leading figure in food and agriculture, including growers, manufacturers, and industry innovators, Burns emphasised the need for collective action to achieve a healthy national diet that lasts forever, “even if every point is not always agreed upon.” 

But consensus recognizes that creating a competitive and conducive environment for American agriculture is essential to our nation’s food security,” Burns said

International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) CEO Cathy Burns expressed optimism about the potential for collaboration highlighted at the Agri-Pulse 2024 Ag and Food Policy Summit in Washington, D.C. Burns emphasised the importance of continuing government and business focus and joint efforts, as well as addressing the issues recommended by shared goals.

As part of the conference agenda, Burns attended discussions with various industry leaders on climate-smart agriculture, highlighting the value of the primary plant sector for sustainability.

Supported culmination with increased use of herbal medicines as a means to solve climate problems, a resource to invest in. Weather, smart innovations and the dynamic environment in the industry were highlighted

IFPA projects, which include leveraging USDA offerings and implementing the Fresh Fields Catalyst technology accelerator software, aim to promote climate-friendly smart agricultural practices and provide solutions sustainability, which has increased among donors Burns noted IFPA’s work influencing international agricultural policy discussions The importance of working together to scale up these efforts was emphasized in all types of industries.

Burns is also known for developing knowledgeable frameworks that take into account the complexity of renewable energy supply chains, and emphasise the need for harmonised requirements and industry-friendly regulations Sponsoring the summit, IFPA blanketed the showcase of industry offerings, highlighting its critical place in promoting health, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.

The Ag & Food Policy Summit, which was attended by nearly 400 individuals, itself nearly got participants, including journalists and congressional staff, up in arms

About the International Fresh Vegetable Producers Association (IFPA) 

IFPA is the leading international association serving fresh produce and floral suppliers, uniquely positioned to combine advocacy with industry support In its mission of creating collaboration and shaping the future for members, IFPA recommends, facilitates communication, and provides guidance to stimulate purposeful action within the collaboration

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