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Amazon Bedrock Unveils New Features, Selected By Thousands To Build Secure Generative AI Apps

Amazon Bedrock Unveils New Features, Selected By Thousands To Build Secure Generative AI Apps

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc . (NASDAQ: AMZN) division, unveiled new enhancements to Amazon Bedrock, providing customers with an easy way to create amazing generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications and Experiences.

With tens of thousands of customers already choosing Amazon Bedrock as the cornerstone of their AI system enablement, these new features will enable increased flexibility, speed and security for organizations across industries

The introduction of a custom model import feature allows customers to easily integrate their models within Amazon Bedrock, and effortlessly utilize its powerful capabilities

This capability dramatically reduces operational costs and accelerates application development by enabling organizations to leverage the power of their custom models in the Amazon Bedrock environment

In addition, the Model Evaluation function simplifies and accelerates the process of selecting the most appropriate model for a particular application.

By providing pre-defined analysis criteria and letting people focus on smaller decisions, Amazon Bedrock enables organizations to quickly analyze and compare models, reducing analysis time from weeks to hours

In addition to these advancements, Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock provides customers with industry-leading security measures to ensure responsible and safe use of AI.

By allowing organizations to implement customized security, Guardrail increases the security and reliability of generative AI applications

In addition, Amazon Bedrock continues to expand its model offerings, introducing Amazon Titan Text Embeddings V2, optimized for RAG use cases and Titan Image Generator for high-quality visualization

Additionally, the platform now features the latest models of Coher and Meta, further expanding the range of AI tools that consumers can choose from

Organizations around the world, including leading companies like Accenture, Salesforce, and Dentsu, are using Amazon Bedrock to drive innovation, increase productivity, and create robust end-user experiences

With its comprehensive capabilities and commitment to customer success, Amazon Bedrock democratizes the breeding grounds for AI innovation.

For more information on Amazon Bedrock’s latest developments, visit aws.amazon.com/bedrock

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