Thursday, July 25, 2024

Zebra Technologies Chicago Launches Systems to Boost Manufacturing

Zebra Technologies Chicago Corp . unveils new initiatives aimed at increasing visibility, improving quality and improving workforce at manufacturing sites The announcement comes at a crucial time, as a survey by the National Association of Manufacturers Did a recent survey reveal that over 65% of manufacturers struggle to attract and retain employees.

To meet these challenges, manufacturers are turning to new technologies and integrated information and operations (IT/OT) for improved productivity and flexibility “They are under pressure as manufacturers.” will effectively meet customers’ quality requirements while addressing labor shortages, skills gaps and operational challenges,” Zebra said. said Andy Zosel, the organization’s senior vice president and general manager of advanced data vision and general robotics

This week at Automate, Zebra introduced its latest innovation, Zebra Symmetry Fulfillment. This system combines autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), wearable technology, software, and analytics to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs Through an optimized picker’s process and robotic operators, Zebra aims to scale equal in symmetry fulfillment throughput and cycle time, better decision making -Provides real-time insight into order status and floor operations for manufacturing

The $290 million acquisition of Fetch Robotics in 2021 further strengthened Zebra’s strengths. Fetch’s integration of robotics with Zebra’s handheld scanners has resulted in a robust, high-performance inventory system for personal use. “The Symmetry with FlexShelf AMR WT6300 works with a handheld RS5100 ring scanner to ensure seamless work instructions for operators.” ” explained Matthew Wicks, vice president and head of robotics products at Zebra.

As manufacturers continue to grapple with labor shortages and efficiency challenges, Zebra Technologies‘ new system promises to transform the industry by providing a more connected and productive workplace environment has been successful.


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