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Yellow AI Grows AI Chatbot, Voicebot Solutions Globally with AWS


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Yellow AI Grows AI Chatbot, Voicebot Solutions Globally with AWS

“Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) made an exciting announcement regarding its partnership with Yellow.ai, a global frontrunner in the realm of AI-driven conversations. This collaboration is a significant step forward, solidifying Yellow.ai’s choice of AWS as its primary cloud service provider to bolster its AI-powered chatbot and voicebot solutions.

Yellow.ai’s decision to team up with AWS stems from the latter’s robust infrastructure and prowess in the cloud computing domain. By leveraging AWS services, Yellow.ai aims to enhance its dynamic AI agents, which play a pivotal role in augmenting customer interactions. These AI agents, integrated across more than 35 text and voice-based channels, seamlessly engage with users in over 135 languages, ensuring an unmatched 24/7 support experience.

The migration to AWS Marketplace has proven instrumental in reshaping Yellow.ai’s operational landscape. Since making this strategic move in May, the company has experienced a significant reduction in operational costs by a notable 20%. This cost-saving measure has been complemented by a commendable 15% boost in performance metrics and a commendable 10% reduction in infrastructure expenditure. These cost efficiencies have empowered Yellow.ai to allocate more resources towards fostering innovation, resulting in the launch of YellowG.

This groundbreaking platform harnesses the capabilities of Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed service for crafting, training, and deploying machine learning models.

YellowG thrives on a repository of diverse knowledge sources, including websites and documents, to generate responses to customer queries. Notably, Yellow.ai’s AI agents have excelled in displaying realistic empathy while significantly curbing inaccurate responses, with their inaccuracy rates nearing zero. Impressively, these agents autonomously handle up to 90% of customer queries, revolutionizing e-commerce interactions by elevating completion rates by an impressive 50% and elevating customer satisfaction scores by an astounding 40%.

Drawing on the robust global infrastructure of AWS Regions, Yellow.ai delivers its services with unparalleled reliability and minimal latency, extending its impact across more than 85 countries worldwide. With an extensive clientele spanning Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and the U.S., Yellow.ai has become a pivotal partner for companies seeking to deliver superior customer support at scale.

Participation in AWS programs has significantly widened Yellow.ai’s reach and collaboration efforts across diverse industry verticals, such as retail, finance, and utilities. Rashid Khan, Yellow.ai’s Chief Product Officer, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting an impressive 80% increase in global annual recurring revenue as a testament to their shared success.

Kumara Raghavan, head of startups at AWS India and South Asia, emphasized the transformative potential of generative AI in customer service. Raghavan foresees a broader accessibility to these AI-driven conversational applications through AWS programs like the Marketplace, catalyzing a shift in how businesses engage with their customers.

AWS, with a steadfast commitment to India’s growth, has made substantial investments in the country’s technological ecosystem, nurturing innovation and driving productivity. A core focus on the development of cloud-related skills has seen AWS successfully train over 4 million individuals in India since 2016, solidifying its commitment to fostering a skilled workforce.

In summary, the collaboration between Yellow.ai and AWS signifies a significant milestone in the evolution of AI-powered customer interactions. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in shaping the tech industry’s landscape, underscoring the transformative power of cutting-edge technologies in revolutionizing customer engagement.”


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