Woolworths will make a nationwide adjustment and stop selling 15-cent plastic bags in the final states.

April 19, 2023

Woolworths will make a nationwide adjustment and stop selling 15-cent plastic bags in the final states.

As part of the retailer’s goal to stop selling the bags everywhere beginning in June, Woolworths locations in New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania have begun the process of phasing out its 15-cent reusable plastic shopping bags. This is part of the retailer’s commitment to stop selling the bags everywhere beginning in June.

In the next weeks, the supermarket chain in New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania will progressively run down supply of the 15-cent reusable plastic shopping bags. This change will result in more than 9,000 tonnes of plastic being removed from circulation annually across the country.

Eight out of every ten customers who shop at Woolworths already bring their own bags with them, and the retailer is continuing to urge consumers to bring their own bags when they shop in order to increase sustainability and reduce the amount of bags that are bought in-store.

Paper bags and various other types of reusable bags will still be sold at Woolworths for customers who require them.

The company has already withdrawn these bags from stores in the ACT, NT, SA, and QLD over the course of the past year, and customers have responded positively to the change. Woolworths shoppers in WA.

A.P. Moller – Maersk
A.P. Moller – Maersk

“We’re excited to have Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania complete our national journey to remove the 15-cent plastic shopping bag from all of our stores nationwide,” said Jeanette Fenske, Director of shops for Woolworths Supermarkets.

“We’re excited to have completed our national journey.”Many consumers now make it a habit to always bring their own reusable shopping bags with them, and so far, we have observed that our customers have welcomed this move with the same excitement they have shown in the past to help the environment.

The best thing you can do for the environment is to bring your own bags, and we encourage all of our customers to keep up the good work they’ve been doing in this regard. Paper bags will continue to be offered for customers who forget to bring their own, but in the long run, our goal is to sell fewer bags overall.

This reform is a significant step towards more environmentally friendly grocery shopping across the country, and we are happy to be the first major supermarket chain to pledge to removing these plastic shopping bags from our stores.

In 2018, Woolworths became the first major national supermarket to eliminate single-use plastic bags from its stores. To assist customers in adjusting to the new policy, the company began selling 15-cent plastic shopping bags. Since that time, consumers’ shopping habits have changed substantially, and as a result, reusable plastic bags have finally come into their own.

Customers will receive advance notification and reminders via email, in addition to in-store signs, as part of Woolworths’ efforts to assist them in getting ready for the impending shift. Already, Woolworths provides useful reminders to its consumers, such as signs in supermarket parking parks, to encourage people to carry their own bags.

The paper shopping bag that will continue to be offered to consumers is made to be repurposed, has a weight capacity of up to 6 kilogrammes of groceries, and is simple to dispose at home through curbside recycling programmes. In addition, customers will continue to have access to this bag.

At least 70 percent of the paper used in the paper bags has been recycled, and the paper has either an FSC or PEFC certification, indicating that it was sourced sustainably and helps promote responsible forest management.


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