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Woolworths NZ Combating Retail Crime as Assaults Double

Woolworths NZ is combating retail crime by revealing a sharp rise in assaults within its stores. The fresh statistics show that 925 violent and aggressive acts happened over the past year. Which is up from 848 incidents documented in the previous year. And which represents a retail crime growth rate of 9%. Against this backdrop, the number of physical assaults increased by half to reach 329 cases compared with 219 last year. While use of weapons fell by one fifth or 22%.

Upsurge in Assaults and Security Measures

The Woolworths NZ store manager said the behavior of these criminals was not normal. Many criminals come back to commit more offences, even after apprehended severally. In response to this grave concern regarding its employees’ safety and security within their working environment, Woolworths has injected $45 million towards new protective systems over three years. These measures include team safety cameras; trolley lock systems; fog cannons; double-entry gates; anti-sweep shelving among others like duress alarms for isolated team members.

Woolworths NZ Combating Retail Crime Effectively

Stockill called upon continued action across Government, agencies and industry for safety assurance purposes. This quarter will see further cooperation between Woolworths and the Government in relation to combating retail crime. The company proposes adoption of an Australian Workplace Protection Order system as well as improvement on trespass laws applicable within retail businesses.


Therefore, despite experiencing increased numbers in assault cases reported against them recently, Woolworths NZ remains undeterred when it comes down on retail crimes against their staff or customers for that matter. Because they are still implementing more effective methods to ensure maximum security level around its premises at all times. Though working together with relevant authorities may play vital role too especially now during such like incidences.


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