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Save Big at Woolworths group : Autumn Price Cuts

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Save Big at Woolworths Group: Autumn Price Cuts! Woolworths starts the autumn season with some non-budget news for its customers: the supermarket giant announced deep discounts on more than 400 items, with an average price cut of 18%. In an event it’s designed to offer, the burden on consumer wallets has been lightened, especially when it comes to important sales.

Woolworths group: Autumn

In a bid to add more value to the shopping experience, Woolworths has added features to its latest seasonal price drop scheme. Notably, the meat department has seen significant discounts, with 400g of Woolworth’s meatballs now costing $6, down from $8. There are delicious options such as Pork & Beef and Beef with Carrot, Celery, Tomato, & Onion.

Bargain hunters can also find deals on roast pork leg, now $9 per kilogram, down from $11, along with cuts like the Woolworths Heart Smart Beef Stir Fry and the RSPCA Approved Diced Chicken Breast, both witnessing a drop in prices. Not to be missed, the Woolworths COOK Chicken Drumsticks with a Sweet & Smokey BBQ Glaze are now more affordable.

Beyond meat, Woolworths hasn’t forgotten about the greens. Salad lovers will appreciate the reduced prices on items like the Woolworths Green Goodness Salad Bowl and the Caesar Salad Bowl, ensuring that a healthy meal doesn’t break the bank.

A wide variety of discounts increase, allowing households to save on essentials without stretching their budgets. From dairy products like Vaalia For Kids Strawberry Yoghurt to specialty ingredients and decorations, the savings are huge.

For those skilled in hot stuff, the end result and reduced herbs are a welcome improvement. Seasonal items such as bananas, apples and pears are now much less expensive, in line with Woolworths’ commitment to providing clean and good merchandise at affordable prices

Woolworths chief marketing officer Paul Harker stressed the company’s commitment to providing value for its customers, highlighting the breadth of products added to the price cut program this season. From dinner items to snacks and family essentials, the goal is to make affordable shopping easy for every body type.

Additionally, Woolworths’ partnership with local suppliers, such as the award-winning Gundman Pastoral Company, underlines the supermarket’s commitment to supporting Australian agriculture By sourcing locally, Woolworths doesn’t have to give, which not only grows the local economy but also ensures the freshness and quality of its products.

As Woolworths prioritizes its Australian-first sourcing policy, customers can take comfort in knowing that most of the new produce they buy is home-grown, supporting Australian growers who are interested in quality

The seasonal discount campaign, which runs from February 28 to May 28, 2024, is part of a wider effort by Woolworths to offer value to its customers, alongside weekly specials and price cuts Buyers are encouraged to use these products for quality control or budgeting Or you can enjoy a variety of products at no charge.

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