With this year’s Thanksgiving meal available at last year’s price, Walmart is assisting customers in setting the table this holiday season.

November 10, 2022

With this year’s Thanksgiving meal available at last year’s price, Walmart is assisting customers in setting the table this holiday season.

Families preparing holiday meals have faced increased difficulties in recent years, and this year is no exception. These difficulties include growing expenses and worries about the availability of Thanksgiving staples. Even so, we have been working hard to make sure our clients can still enjoy the holiday season and create lasting memories with their loved ones.

At a time when American families are most in need, Walmart has a selection of the products consumers want at the prices they need for the important Christmas meals—and all the midweek dinners in between.

Thanksgiving Dinner for This Year at Last Year’s Price
Our consumers are now focused on saving money, so this year we’re removing inflation from a whole basket of traditional Thanksgiving fare. In addition to our regularly low costs, we made considerable expenditures to allow customers to purchase a traditional Thanksgiving feast at Walmart* for the same price as last year.

We are aware of the items our customers include in their Thanksgiving baskets after all these years. All the essentials, such turkey, ham, potatoes, and stuffing, are included, as well as convenience foods like ready-to-heat mac and cheese and freshly baked pumpkin pie. We also made sure that the cost of the same basket of items is not more than it was the previous year.

So that families don’t have to worry about how they’ll set their holiday table, we’re delighted to give consumers this year’s Thanksgiving meal for last year’s pricing. Customers can benefit from the discounts for all of their holiday dinners through December 26, 2022 as we roll out the price. The baskets can be purchased here.

Enhanced Choice and Consistent Supply Throughout the Season
In order to help assure a reliable supply of all the holiday mealtime necessities at Walmart this season, particularly for meal heroes like ham and turkey, we have been working with suppliers for months. For those consumers who like to buy early, Walmart’s turkey selection is already in stock and includes whole turkeys for less than $1/lb.

The past few years have demonstrated to us that the way our consumers celebrate the holidays is evolving, with both large-scale and intimate gatherings. We provide a wider variety of turkey options to better serve our clients during all holiday celebrations, including conventional entire turkeys of all sizes, bone-in breasts, boneless roasts, and smoked turkeys.

Customers can trust that Walmart will have turkeys, hams, and all the fixings at great prices no matter when, where, or how they choose to purchase.

Offerings That Are Up to Date—Even for Turkey!
We take pride in actively hearing from and learning from our clients, and we frequently modify our selection to suit their tastes. This year, we anticipate that more Gen Z consumers will purchase turkey for the first time, and these consumers enjoy having quick, simple dinner options. To ensure that these customers can find all they require at Walmart, we enhanced our range of easier-to-manage roasts for the holidays, including as boneless turkey breasts, as well as our assortment of grab-and-go meal alternatives, such as ready-to-make sides and freshly baked desserts.

Using Walmart Rewards, Make Even More Savings
Through Walmart Rewards, Walmart+ members can save even more on Christmas essentials. The recently established programme, which gives members access to over $1,000 in Walmart Reward discounts on hundreds of items from groceries to household essentials, is quickly becoming a member favourite. The benefits accrue quickly and can be applied to upcoming in-person or online purchases at Walmart

With this year's Thanksgiving meal available at last year's price, Walmart is assisting customers in setting the table this holiday season.

This holiday season, we’re taking steps to ensure that consumers don’t have to make compromises on what important by keeping costs reasonable and our assortment robust to meet their needs all season long. Additionally, we are aware that during the busiest shopping season of the year, saving consumers time is just as important as saving them money. With simple, quick, and handy shopping services, such as curbside pickup and delivery as soon as the same day, we’re making it even simpler to shop for groceries at Walmart, whether it’s for the large holiday feasts or the weekly trip.

We are really appreciative of the chance to fulfil our pledge to our esteemed customers to assist them in saving money so they may live better, not just during the holiday season but on all other days of the year as well.

Comparison of our national or highest regional pricing to be paid for purchasing the whole collection of the same items from November 1 through December 26, 2022, with the average price charged for the featured items from November 1 through December 26, 2021. Prices can be cheaper at the Walmart near you.