With the inauguration of three new stores, SPAR Spain serves new communities.

March 31, 2023

With the inauguration of three new stores, SPAR Spain serves new communities.


In the northwest and southwest of the nation, in the regions of Badajoz and León, SPAR Spain partners Lder Aliment and Grupo Cuevas expand their network. With this growing retail footprint whereby stores combine individualised service with an excellent product variety and price offer, shopping becomes more convenient for neighbourhood communities.

New SPAR establishment in Badajoz
By establishing a new SPAR Supermarket in the town of Valdivia, Province of Badajoz, SPAR Spain partner L’der Aliment extends its retail presence. There are about 3,200 SPAR Own Brand items offered in-store, along with popular A-brands. A decent selection of fruit and vegetables, bakery goods, frozen foods, deli items, and butchery are also available at the store. A successful franchise collaboration strategy is evident in the debut of this top-tier store in Valdivia.

The SPAR associate manages the SPAR Brand across a sizable area in the nation’s southwest. In order to meet local customer requirements, the Spanish SPAR partner has opened and updated SPAR stores over the years in Seville, Badajoz, Córdoba, Cádiz, Cáceres, and Huelva.

León now has two additional SPAR Express stores.
The expansion of SPAR Express shops by SPAR Spain partner Grupo Cuevas in the northwest of the nation is ongoing. The business now has 62 SPAR Express stores, two of which have been newly established with a sales area of 150m2 each in the León towns of Palanquinos and Villacedré.

Three coworkers work at the Palanquinos shop. There are service counters in the deli, fruit and veggie, and bakery sections. Customers have access to more than 1,800 items, including meat, frozen foods, and the full line of SPAR Own Brand goods.

This double opening, which joins the three already-open SPAR locations in the towns of Pobladura de Pelayo Garca (León), Villanueva del Campo, and Mombuey, extends the SPAR network’s growth in Castilla and León. (Zamora). The SPAR Brand is also distributed by SPAR de las Cuevas in the regions of La Corua and Lugo.

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When a collection of wholesalers came together in 1959 with the goal of joining a global organization, SPAR Spain was born. As a consequence, the company created Spain’s first chain of voluntary trading.

Barcelona serves as the headquarters. It offers the 13 regional partners assistance for their brands, purchasing, marketing, and communications. The SPAR owners work together to effectively maintain the brand’s national growth.