With new “Nectar Prices,” Sainsbury’s customers can save a tonne of money.

April 13, 2023

Sainsbury’s will be the only retailer using Nectar costs to provide cheaper costs for every loyalty client and more customised rates through Your Nectar rates.

More categories will be added in the upcoming months, with shoppers first having access to cheaper prices on over 300 selected items.
Customers may expect to save money when shopping at Sainsbury’s thanks to Nectar Prices, which gives 50% off of a selection of items and sizes such Nescafe Gold, Ariel Pods and Coke Zero.

Nectar Prices, a new loyalty programme that Sainsbury’s is launching today, will provide all 18 million Nectar members significant savings on a variety of products, including some of Britain’s top brands, when they check out in Sainsbury’s shops or online.

Customers who purchase at Sainsbury’s supermarkets or online will initially receive savings on over 300 items, including household goods, pet food, and sweets, when using the Nectar app or card at checkout. The firm is committed to keeping costs low. Nectar Prices will continue to grow and enter more categories, ensuring that customers always receive fantastic deals on a range of goods.

Customers of Nectar will receive substantial discounts on goods like cereal and laundry detergent, with some products even being offered at a 50% discount. Customers can anticipate paying, for instance:

Original Ariel All-in-1 Pods Washing Liquid Capsules (39 washes), £5 (regularly $10.50), 24x330ml Coke Zero, £5 (regularly $10.50) £10
200g of Nescafé Gold Blend coffee, usually $4 £8.10
Normally $100, Oral-B Pro 3 3500 Cross Action Black & Travel Case is available for only £45.
Existing Nectar users only need to scan their app or swipe their card at the register to take advantage of Nectar Prices. If a customer’s Nectar and Sainsbury’s accounts are connected, their discounts will be instantly applied when they shop online. By installing the app1, those without a Nectar card can still readily access Nectar Prices.

Sainsbury’s will be the only retailer to provide customers who use SmartShop with lower prices on the goods they frequently purchase by combining lower prices for every loyalty customer through Nectar Prices and additional personalised discounts with Your Nectar Prices, formerly My Nectar Prices. Customers can find customised reduced pricing with up to 30% off products that are individually suited to them each week through the Nectar website or app thanks to Your Nectar pricing.

Nectar will have issued its one trillionth point in December 2022, which would imply that over £5 billion worth of points have been given to customers over the past 20 years. Last year, at least £220 million worth of points were given out. Customers may use these to buy food, store them for a treat, or trade them in for rewards from hundreds of Nectar partners. Since its inception in September 20212, customers who use Your Nectar Prices have already saved more than £61 million, and in December 2022 alone, Nectar customers saved £4.1 million thanks to customised discounts at Sainsbury’s with Your Nectar Prices3.

Additionally, users can continue to gain additional value from their spending by accumulating Nectar points from more than 350 top shops, including as eBay, Esso, and Argos. Customers who used Nectar points to pay less at a number of partners in December 2022 saved £60 million4.

“We are thrilled to launch Nectar Prices, which will help millions of our customers save more on every trip to Sainsbury’s,” said Simon Roberts, chief executive officer of Sainsbury’s. There is still plenty to come, as we will continuously updating Nectar Prices and broadening the range of products available.

Even better, Nectar customers who use SmartShop in-store will benefit from additional tailored value with Your Nectar Prices, which will provide them with the lowest prices on their preferred products. Every choice we make genuinely has our consumers at its core, and we think they will find Nectar Prices to be a fun way to get consistently great value all year long.

Sainsbury’s plan is built around daily value. The store said in December 2022 that it was speeding up its value plan by investing an additional £50 million in maintaining low pricing. As a result, by March 2023, it would have made over £550 million in value investments. While Nectar continues to reward customers and provide discounts through Nectar Prices, Your Nectar Prices, and Nectar Offers, Aldi Price Match will continue to concentrate on frequently purchased fresh products.

Customers of Nectar can find the following Nectar Prices in Sainsbury’s stores and online:

Product Nectar Price Discount Regular Price
70cl Aperol Aperitivo $10.00 $ 16.00 38%
12x330ml of Corona Extra cost £9.00; 14; 36%
Original Ariel All-in-One pods washing liquid capsules (39 washes)52% Coke Zero 24x330ml for £5.00, £10.5050%
200g GB Nescafe Gold Blend signature jar £4.00 £8.10 51%
Shampoo 400ml Elvive Colour Protect £2.50 $4.50 44%
$300 for 300ml of Elvive Color Protect Conditioner44%
Crunchy Nut 720g Kellogg’s £3.75 $4.80 22%
Heinz Tomato Sauce for Baked Beans, 415g, $0.95, $1.40, 32%
Oral-B Pro 3 3500 Cross Action Black + Travel Case $45 $100 55%


Editor’s Notes

Customers can join Nectar online at www.nectar.com, using the Nectar app, or by picking up a Nectar card in-store to receive Nectar Prices.

Savings amount to £62,125,475 from 22 September 2021 to 2 April 2023.

Savings made between January 1 and December 31, 2022, using Nectar Prices, £3,802,624.87.

Nectar points were redeemed for savings between January and December 2022, totaling 12,032,018,655 points, or at least £60,160,093.

CPG Sainsburys Nectar Prices 005PIXLR
CPG Sainsburys Nectar Prices 005PIXLR