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With ALDI, Instagram Star Creates Five Showstopping Meals for Four for Less Than £20.


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Influencer, Cardiff Mum has done it again – the superstar foodie has wowed her 300k followers with five affordable meals for a family of four, with all ingredients from Aldi coming in at under £20.

She has put her creative talents to the test using only Aldi ingredients and created interesting dishes for the whole family to enjoy. From winter warmers like Slow Cooker Pulled Pork and Black Bean Chilli to fakeaway favourites like Sloppy Joe Tacos, there truly is something for everyone.

“I wanted to design dishes that are not only simple to make, but also simple on the wallet,” said Ashleigh. For individuals who wish to shop on a tight budget without sacrificing quality, Aldi is the ideal option. The Sloppy Joe Tacos recipe was my favourite to create, and my family loved them.

The influencer’s band of loyal followers are already loving the recipes, commenting:

These types of reels are bank balance savers!!!” and “Wow great variety of meals, nice to see something other than pasta for a budget meal like a lot of supermarkets seem to advertise when they do budget meal planning!”.

The social media influencer has created an easy step by step process for each recipe, so even the less culinary skilled can recreate these recipes with ease. All of Cardiff Mum’s delicious recipes and ingredients can be found via the Aldi website here, alternatively, check out her Instagram reel here.

The delicious recipes include:

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork & Black Bean Chilli

Italian BMT Subs

Airfryer Chinese Crispy Shredded Chicken

Airfryer Lemon, Garlic Chicken with Crispy Feta

Sloppy Joe Tacos and Dirty Rice

Shoppers can take inspiration from Cardiff Mum, or replicate her meals exactly, with the below shopping list for all the products used for the five recipes:

Ashfields Pork Shoulder Steaks 700g£3.29
Everyday Essentials Family Pack Peppers 600g£1.20
Nature’s Pick Red Onion 1KG£0.55
Asia Specialities Dark Soy Sauce 150ml£0.55
Village Bakery Supersoft Mini Orginal Wraps 8 Pack£0.55
Four Season Black Beans In Water 390g£0.54
Everyday Essentials Lemons 4 Pack£0.50
Asia Specialities Sweet & Sour Stir Fry Sauce 120g£0.49
Everyday Essentials Long Grain Rice 1kg£0.48
Ashfields British Beef Mince 20% Fat 500g£1.79
The Deli Italian Salami & Cheese Selection£1.79
Ashfields British Chicken Thighs Fresh Class A 1kg£2.69
Bramwells Original BBQ Sauce 480g£0.89
Bramwells Worcestershire Sauce 150ml£0.69
Stonemill Garlic Puree 75g£0.69
Village Bakery Italian Style Metro Rolls 400g/4 Pack£0.95
Everyday Essentials Greek Style Salad Cheese 200g£0.70
Everyday Essentials Cheesy Singles 255g/15 Pack£0.70
Everyday Essentials Chopped Tomatoes£0.64

To shop the full Aldi range, shoppers can head to Aldi stores now or browse the website here for Click & Collect.

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