WHAT WE ARE DOING TO FIGHT INFLATION: Carrefour has frozen the prices on 100 everyday products in a bid to protect people’s purchasing power in France

August 23, 2022

To help tackle inflation, Carrefour has just announced that it is freezing the prices on 100 of its own-brand products for its customers’ everyday essential needs. Starting today and until 30 November, the “prices frozen on 100 products for 100 days” campaign will be rolled out across all Carrefour stores across the country, irrespective of format. It will also be applied to Carrefour.fr – all in a bid to protect people’s purchasing power in France.

Household budgets continue to be hard-hit by inflation, and that’s why Carrefour is doing everything it can to protect its customers’ purchasing power. One of its new measures involves freezing the prices on 100 of its own-brand products for 100 days.

This initiative covers various product families, including both food (fresh produce, grocery products, fruit and vegetables, tinned products, aperitif products, condiments, seasonal products, beverages, etc.) and non-food (hygiene products, detergents, clothing, household appliances, etc.) products.

It is part of its drive to combat inflation that was launched in early June, and sits alongside other initiatives, including Carrefour’s pledge to sell a selection of 30 essential products for under €30 throughout the month of July, as well as the “prix serrés” (knockdown prices) campaign which is still underway. It applies to 200 national-brand products for which Carrefour is undertaking to reduce its margins, the aim being to pass on price increases as little as possible (or even not at all) to its customers.


As children are preparing to go back to school, Carrefour has also frozen the prices on a number of key back-to-school products (including 12 colour pencils for €0.55, four highlighters for €0.99, five exercise books for €1.39 and a glue stick for €0.25) to reduce pressure on household budgets. A helping hand to supplement the exceptional special offers running throughout July and August in the form of immediate discounts of between 25% and 70% for Loyalty cardholders.