Walmart Increases Discovery and Excitement With New Experience.

April 5, 2023

Walmart Increases Discovery and Excitement With New Experience

Our customers’ pockets are the nearest store to them, so we’re updating that digital storefront.

We’ve made hundreds of improvements in the past year to change the fundamental digital experience for our customers, elevating our e-commerce offering by establishing more individualised and seamless interactions that make shopping the way it ought to be: quick, simple, and enjoyable.

We’re now enhancing our customers’ ability to browse the endless aisles of with a chic new design and user interface that provides a more interesting way to browse and find our enormous assortment. The Walmart app is where it all starts, whether you’re looking for the ideal present, seeking ideas for a house renovation, or just want to browse the newest trends.

In order to make it simple for customers to discover what they need and feel motivated to browse more of the hundreds of millions of products in our online assortment, we are launching a completely redesigned homepage and developing a customer-centric and curated storefront on and the Walmart app. Open 24/7/365, has so much to offer its customers, including trendy denim from the 200+ million items in our apparel selection or a chic sofa from the expanding 58 million-item home selection, which includes everything from high-end furnishings to storage solutions. Similar to how our successful Marketplace business is growing as we add more products and brands, Walmart is now the go-to spot for everything our customers could possibly want or need.
The new homepage provides a customer-focused shopping experience that more closely resembles how our customers prefer to buy by emphasising the products that are most important to them at any given time, whether it’s game day or a holiday. The feature-packed homepage includes a new social-inspired scroll that allows customers to peruse our collection in the same way they would scroll through their preferred social media apps, as well as rich imagery, live video, and optimisation to better bring Walmart’s enormous assortment to life. We salute the Walmart Global Tech, Product, and Design teams for their close coordination in developing and realising this innovative new method to browse and shop at

We prioritise our customers’ needs, and this new homepage is just one more way we’re enhancing the convenience of online purchasing for them while also saving them time and money. However, this novel encounter has advantages for all of our clients. As their businesses expand on, it also gives our suppliers and Marketplace sellers new opportunities to display more pertinent goods and better tell their stories during moments that are top of mind for our customers.
Additionally, we’re providing our Walmart creators with the tools, resources, and merchandise they need to grow their online communities and attract new consumers.

We are completely integrating the experience across channels so that customers can shop with us on the Walmart app, on, or in-store, removing obstacles and making it simpler than ever. Customers can truly shop however and wherever they want with our complete range of pickup and delivery options, including Express Delivery, Next Day Delivery, Two-Day Delivery, and curbside pickup. In the future, we plan to keep innovating to offer a service that will make Walmart our customers’ top option for online shopping, every day, every season, and for every product.