Waitrose fills cans with wine from miniature bottles found in the wine aisle.

January 18, 2023

The majority of Waitrose’s smaller wine bottles have been converted to cans of wine, making it the first supermarket to do so.
This decision will result in a reduction of 320 tonnes of waste caused by packaging in the first year.
It’s a big deal for our efforts to lessen our impact on the environment with carbon emissions.
Waitrose has declared their intention to transition their small wine format offerings from bottles to cans. As a step toward achieving our goal of lowering our overall carbon footprint, beginning on January 15 we will begin packaging the vast majority of our small wine formats in aluminium cans rather than glass bottles (with the exception of Champagne, Prosecco, and Cava, as well as Rioja, due to appellation restrictions).

Waitrose’s Beer, Wine and Spirit Bulk Sourcing Manager, Barry Dick, MW, had the following to say about the move: “We are delighted to pioneer this move and make it even easier for our customers to reduce waste. Cans made of aluminium weigh a significant fraction of what glass bottles do and produce less than half the amount of carbon dioxide as comparable single-use glass bottles. Additionally, cans can be recycled an unlimited number of times.

“Since we are aware that an increasing number of consumers are purchasing their drinks in canned formats, ranging from craft beer to cocktails to go, the decision to make this shift in our wine category makes a lot of sense.” Picking up a can of wine is an excellent way to enjoy wine in moderation, particularly if you are going to a picnic or another social occasion. It also makes it possible for customers to try a new variety without having to worry about the cost or the possibility of wasting the wine. We have high hopes that this move will encourage wineries to continue developing a wide and exciting variety of wines that are packaged in cans.

Customers of Waitrose purchased close to three million small bottles of wine in the still and sparkling categories combined in the previous year. The transition from small wine bottles to cans of aluminium will save over 300 tonnes of glass packaging and exemplifies our commitment to lowering our overall carbon footprint. This move marks a significant change for Waitrose.

Waitrose fills cans with wine from miniature bottles found in the wine aisle.