Vienna’s INTERSPAR Schottentor has won the 2023 EuroShop RetailDesign Award.

March 12, 2023

Vienna’s INTERSPAR Schottentor has won the 2023 EuroShop RetailDesign Award.

The EuroShop RetailDesign Award 2023 for food was given to the INTERSPAR Hypermarket Schottentor. The jury was struck by the flawless blending of the shop’s architecture, colors, materials, lighting, and visual merchandising. The former Viennese Association of Banks headquarters now houses INTERSPAR Hypermarket Schottentor, one of the stores with the finest shop concept in the entire world.
Since its inception in 2008, the EuroShop RetailDesign Award has recognized the world’s finest store designs. At this year’s tournament, 103 applicants from 31 different nations participated in total. A clear target group appeal, a message that is clear about the product line, a consistent idea, and a successful fusion of architecture, materials, lighting, colors, and visual merchandising are the factors that are evaluated. The jury was greatly impressed by INTERSPAR Schottentor’s innovative displays, cutting-edge architecture, and use of space in a historic structure.

returned to its historical state
Four years and a €10 million investment went into the planning and constructing of the new INTERSPAR Hypermarket inside the historic structure. At one time, the building was being restored by more than 100 people at once.

“Having the most beautiful supermarket in the world is something Vienna can be very pleased of. Customers can only shop for daily groceries at this spot, where a gorgeous old structure is available. Managing Director of INTERSPAR Austria Johannes Holzleitner said, “I am thrilled with the award, which demonstrates that the extensive renovation work has been recognized and that our INTERSPAR Hypermarket Schottentor is something very special.

Excellent ideas
SPAR also received the EuroShop RetailDesign Award in 2020. In that year, SPAR Gran Canaria won one of the awards after captivating the judges with their innovative store idea. The best store ideas from around the world are recognized each year with the EuroShop RetailDesign Award, which now has five categories instead of the previous three.

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Regarding SPAR Austria
The first SPAR stores opened in Austria in 1954, but the current SPAR AG was founded in 1970 when the founding families came together with other local wholesalers to establish SPAR Austria AG, a wholly owned Austrian corporation.

Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, and Northern Italy are among the countries where ASPIAG (Austria SPAR International AG) has expanded the name thanks to licenses given by SPAR International. After dominating market growth for more than a decade, SPAR Austria became the market winner in the Austrian grocery trade in 2020 with sales of €8.3 billion and impressive growth of 16%. In 2021, it continued to hold this place of leadership.