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Vandemoortele Acquires Dolciaria Acquaviva, a Leading Frozen Bakery Specialist

Belgian family foods group Vandemoortele announced the acquisition of Italian manufacturer Dolciaria Acquaviva, known for its frozen breads, patisseries, and gourmet specialties. The strategic move increases Vandemoortele’s footprint in the competitive Italian frozen bakery market, which includes a variety of breads, delicious specialties, pastries, and patisseries.

About Dolciaria Acquaviva

Established in 1979, Dolciaria Acquaviva has evolved from a simple artisanal bakery specializing in Neapolitan desserts into a leading Italian manufacturer. The company has won accolades for its wide range of sweet and savory products and has earned a reputation as an innovator. Dolciaria Acquaviva, headquartered in Grisignano di Aversa (Caserta), generated revenues of approximately €120 million by 2023 and employs more than 200 people. With four strategically located manufacturing plants throughout Italy, the company efficiently delivers to more than 40,000 customers daily within Italy’s HoReCa channel.

Vandemoortele’s Strategic Move

Vandemoortele CEO Yvonne Guerin expressed her excitement about the acquisition, “We will combine our strengths and expertise to drive inward growth. This combination enables powerful synergies in manufacturing, branding, innovation, and distribution, which Vandemoortele has been actively contributing for some time.” The acquisition, facilitated by private equity firms Afeon and the Acquaviva family, is a significant step forward for Vandemoortele to strengthen its position in the Italian market.

Financial details of the acquisition are confidential, but the deal is expected to close soon. Vandemoortele aims to use this acquisition to expand its bread and vegetarian offerings across HoReCa and the retail chains. The company has built a strong presence in Italy with brands such as Agritech, Lanterna, Banquet d’Or, Dooney’s, and Patisserie du Chef.

Importance of the Italian Market

Italy represents Vandemoortele’s second largest market, underscoring the strategic importance of this acquisition. Vandemoortele brands already in Italy include Agritech, which is famous for bread; Lanterna, specializing in focaccia and pizza; Banquet D’Or, offering a variety of pastries; Doony’s, known for its doughnuts; and the patisserie-focused Patisserie du Chef.

Synergies and Future Growth

The addition of Dolciaria Acquaviva is expected to enhance Vandemoortele’s performance. Combining Vandemoortele’s existing capabilities with Acquaviva’s extensive distribution network and product offerings, the combined company is poised to increase its market share. Vandemoortele’s expertise in the bakery and plant-based industries, coupled with the establishment of the Acquaviva brand in Italy, offers a formidable combination ready to drive growth.

This acquisition is in line with Vandemoortele’s long-term growth strategy, which focuses on expanding its presence and product range in key markets through well-established and innovative players such as Dolciaria Acquaviva. It will strengthen Vandemoortele’s commitment to enhancing its position in the Italian market.

About Vandemoortele Acquires Dolciaria Acquaviva

Vandemoortele’s acquisition of Dolciaria Acquaviva is an important milestone in its growth strategy. The combined strengths and expertise of both companies are expected to drive growth, create powerful synergies, and enhance the overall value proposition for customers in the Italian frozen bread market.

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