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Oakley Farms Achieves UK-Record Watermelon Best Output 2023


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Oakley Farms Achieves UK-Record Watermelon Best Output 2023


Cambridgeshire’s Oakley Farms has hit a UK record for watermelon production this year, having harvested 11,000 of the fruit despite what they called “challenging” weather conditions. The farm is now Tesco’s most prolific watermelon grower in the nation.

Rather than give up, Oakley Farms doubled their efforts in light of the difficult circumstances. Manager Nick Molesworth commented that the watermelon season fits perfectly between the courgette and pumpkin harvesting times. Tests were conducted to ensure greater yields per plant, which yielded a production record double that of 2020’s output of 5,500 watermelons.

Molesworth said: “We’ve tried several different methods to grow the watermelons, and our hard work is finally paying off. It’s not an easy crop to cultivate in Britain; the climate can be tough, but we’re delighted with this year’s yield.”

Oakley Farms’ success is a testament to dedication, hard work, and determination in the face of difficulty. Hopefully, the farm’s Uk  record watermelon inspire other producers to take on similar challenges.

Watermelon nana ice cream is now being sold at the farm shop. The delicious treat combines Oakley Farms’ own watermelons with what they describe as a “perfectly balanced sweetness.” Customers are encouraged to stop by and try out this new delicacy made from the farm’s own fruit.

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