Two New Varieties of Vitaminwater Are Launched, and the Zero Sugar Lineup Has Undergone Innovative Reformulation.

March 8, 2023

Two New Varieties of Vitaminwater Are Launched, and the Zero Sugar Lineup Has Undergone Innovative Reformulation.

‘Forever you’ and ‘with affection’ Evolution of the “Nourish Every You” Program in Spark 2023


With love and eternally you are the two new flavours that vitaminwater® has added to its lineup of sugar-free drinks today. Additionally, all six of the zero-sugar flavours have undergone an inventive reformulation. Our most recent sweetener formulation, the new zero sugar reformulation, contains monk fruit, stevia, as well as additional vitamins and nutrients. The goods are currently offered in mass merchants, grocers, and convenience shops across the country.

The addition of the new varieties continues vitaminwater’s mission to “nourish every you.” Vitaminwater promotes nourishing each and every aspect of “you” in the belief that there are many sides to “you” that have requirements. With its range of products, vitaminwater has something to honour your complex self, whether it be your body, your feelings, or your complexities.

With love and “forever you,” which have joined vitaminwater’s zero-sugar rainbow of flavours, offer new nutrition that can boost optimism for each of your “yous”:

Dark chocolate and raspberry are deliciously incorporated into “with love” to give it a distinctive flavour. The nutrient-enriched water beverage has 100% antioxidant vitamin C along with vitamins A (25%) and E (30%), as well as a liquid boost of magnesium (85mg) to promote heart health.
Aside from white curcumin (18 mg), “forever you” also includes 100% antioxidant vitamin C, 25% antioxidant vitamin A, and 30% antioxidant vitamin E. Both beverages are excellent sources of vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12. Visit for a detailed dietary breakdown.
Tiphanie Maronta, Group Director, Innovation & vitaminwater, said, “By leveraging extensive consumer and beverage technology data, we were able to reinvent the zero-sugar lineup with an inventive new formula and add two delicious new flavours to the line-up so people can nourish even more sides of themselves.

The new developments follow an extensive marketing effort that was started in the summer of 2022 and featured international superstar Lil Nas X. In order to evolve their enduring partnership, 2023 will bring exciting consumer interaction touch points as well as captivating creative content. Fans can follow vitaminwater on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to keep up with the exciting components of this year’s “nourish every you” promotion. Visit for more details about vitaminwater.

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