Two new tractors are unveiled by New Holland Farm at the KISAN Agri Show in Hyderabad.

March 8, 2023

Two new tractors are unveiled by New Holland Farm at the KISAN Agri Show in Hyderabad.

At the KISAN Agri exhibition in Hyderabad, New Holland Agriculture, a division of CNH Industrial, unveiled two of its most recent tractor models: the Blue Series Simba 30 and the 5620 Power King – TREM – IV. From March 3 to March 5 at the HITEX Exhibition Center in Izzathnagar, the brand will have six tractors and three pieces of farming equipment on exhibit at stall C101.

SIMBA, a sub-30 HP compact tractor introduced as a part of the brand’s Blue Series lineup, is made for specialised tasks like spraying, rotating, cultivating, and building ridges for orchards, vines, and intercropping, among others. The three-cylinder 29HP Mitsubishi engine that powers the Blue Series SIMBA 30 is designed to deliver more power while using less fuel. It also has the distinctive advantage of combining high power with Narrow Track (NT), making it the most adaptable loader in its class.

The company also introduced the TREM IV version of the New Holland 5620 Power King Tractor as part of its commitment to the new emission standard. A powerful and fuel-efficient electronically controlled FPT motor is included with the 65 HP tractor. The tractor has cutting-edge hydraulic systems that enable comfortable, precise control as well as improved ergonomics. The New Holland 5620 Power King tractor is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for carrying, transporting, and even ploughing and harvesting.

Director of Sales and Network Development for New Holland Agriculture, Mr. Sandeep Gupta, stated at the KISAN Agri Show, “We are thrilled to have entered a compact tractor category with the introduction of Blue Series SIMBA 30 in the area. New Holland Agriculture is dedicated to providing cutting-edge and effective agricultural mechanisation solutions to the nation’s contemporary farmers. We also released the TREM IV version of our incredibly strong tractor, the 5620 Power King. This is in keeping with the international pledge to offer sustainable products and adapt to the nation’s new emission standards.

“This is an excellent chance for us at New Holland Agriculture to showcase a complete range of farm equipment and mechanisation solutions in the area and pique customers’ interest in the brand,” said Mr. Tarun Khanna, Director- Agriculture Marketing India, New Holland Agriculture. With our product portfolio of tractors and crop solutions, we are eager to increase our market share in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, two important marketplaces for us. Additionally, it’s a fantastic chance for us to interact directly with our clients.

Four additional tractors from New Holland Agriculture are on exhibit at the trade show, including the Excel 4710 4WD, the 3230 TX Super 4WD, the Excel Ultima 5510, and the 3600 TX Super FPT. The company is also displaying its high-tech agricultural equipment, such as the Square Baler BC 5060, the Sugarcane Harvester 4010 MAX, and the Combine Harvester TC 5.30 TREM-3.

The mission of New Holland Agriculture is to assist producers in transitioning to a profitable, effective, and efficient method of farming. The brand’s goods are supported by cutting-edge technology and performance that are ideal for the needs of modern farming.