Together, Walmart Commerce Technologies and Salesforce will provide retailers with access to local fulfilment and delivery solutions.

January 16, 2023

With Walmart’s industry-leading store fulfilment technology and local delivery services, retailers using Salesforce Commerce Cloud can now provide their consumers with simple pickup and delivery experiences.

Walmart GoLocal and Walmart Commerce Technologies today announced a partnership with Salesforce to give businesses access to the tools and services that enable frictionless local pickup and delivery for customers worldwide. To assist merchants succeed in today’s hybrid retail environment, Walmart Commerce Technologies Store Assist local fulfilment app and Walmart GoLocal local delivery solutions will both be made available through Salesforce AppExchange.

Customers increasingly demand seamless in-store and online experiences with convenient fulfilment options, but it can be difficult for retailers to develop and manage these intricate in-house, omni-channel solutions. The largest retailer in the world, Walmart, has been a leader in developing and implementing cutting-edge omnichannel solutions for more than ten years. Retailers will have access to the same scalable technologies that Walmart utilises thanks to Walmart’s agreement with Salesforce. With real-time order visibility and dependable local pickup and delivery, these technologies will offer personalised and simple commerce experiences.

Retailers can use their local stores as fulfilment centres by using the Walmart Commerce Technologies Store Assist app. Retailers may enhance in-store fulfilment using Store Assist by improving picking efficiency, speed, and accuracy. The app will enable seamless handoffs between staff members and clients or outside delivery drivers. Retailers of all sizes will be able to use white-label, delivery-as-a-service technology with Walmart GoLocal to give their consumers a seamless delivery experience.

Anshu Bhardwaj, senior vice president, technology strategy and commercialization, Walmart Global Technology, said that thanks to this cooperation, retailers will be able to take advantage of the same cutting-edge and scalable technologies that enable Walmart’s pickup and delivery services. Over 4,700 Walmart stores have been able to complete over 830 million* purchases thanks to the same technology that drives Store Assist. Retailers can scale their operations and provide the individualised, convenient experiences that customers need with the help of Salesforce.

Customers still demand frictionless, highly linked experiences from companies across all physical and digital touchpoints. According to Rob Garf, vice president and general manager of Salesforce’s retail division, “1 in 5 online orders placed the weekend before Christmas were picked up in-store. “Retailers can succeed with best-in-class technology to expand their omnichannel capabilities, drive efficiency, and ensure that every purchase gets into the hands of the shopper fast – no matter where they are,” according to Walmart and Salesforce.

Commercialization of Salesforce by Walmart Announcement Loop

Retailers will be able to: with the help of Walmart and Salesforce.

Enable BOPIS: With Store Assist, developed by Walmart Commerce Technologies, merchants can use their local stores as fulfilment centres, improve picking efficiency, and offer seamless handoff experiences to consumers or delivery drivers.
Manage Local Deliveries: By using Walmart GoLocal, businesses can provide their consumers with scalable local delivery options that provide dependable, same-day delivery while maintaining their brand identity.
Drive Efficiency and Profitability Throughout the Omnichannel Shopping Journey: By utilising Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Order Management, retailers can effectively manage their customers’ omnichannel shopping experiences across one platform while utilising AI and real-time data to provide connected, personalised experiences for customers.
“Retailers are seeking for ways to increase cost effectiveness while still satisfying the needs of their customers, regardless of where or how they like to purchase. According to Harsit Patel, vice president and general manager of Walmart GoLocal, fulfilment from stores is an efficient approach to meet these objectives and swiftly and dependably service customers through local delivery. We are eager to provide more retailers with the adaptable, local delivery options they require.

Walmart is working to provide other shops its cutting-edge technology and solutions through Walmart Commerce Technologies and Walmart GoLocal. Find out more about Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Order Management, and AppExchange as well as Walmart Commerce Technologies, Walmart GoLocal, and.

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Together, Walmart Commerce Technologies and Salesforce will provide retailers with access to local fulfilment and delivery solutions.