Through its BetterWithPets Prize, Purina announces a fresh wave of sponsorship.

January 24, 2023

Purina plans to fulfil its pledge to assist 1 million people in vulnerable circumstances improve their health and wellbeing by 2030 through the BetterwithPets Prize.
Purina is looking to give meaningful organisations across Europe that are working to improve their communities a 2-year grant of up to 100,000 EUR per year.

Today, Purina, the leading pet care company in Europe, opened applications for its BetterwithPets Prize (BWPP). The company is encouraging organisations from all over Europe to apply for the chance to win the resources to develop new and creative solutions that have a positive impact on the lives of as many individuals, their pets, and the communities around them as possible.

The most impactful organisation (or organisations) will be awarded a grant of up to 200,000 EUR over the course of the edition’s two years, and they will also have the opportunity to share best practises and scalable initiatives via conferences and webinars. The goal of these opportunities is to build knowledge, and scale impact on the health and well-being of people in vulnerable situations, while also supporting the power of the per-human-bond.

The previous year, Purina made an announcement on a new commitment that intends to help one million individuals in disadvantaged situations improve their health and well-being by the year 2030 through the power of the bond that exists between humans and their pets. Through the introduction of a new iteration of the BWPP, Purina intends to assist the expansion of the most influential organisations by providing a strategic grant, as well as link the wider community of candidates for the purpose of developing best practise and, ultimately, scaling their impact.

Winners of the BetterwithPets Prize in the past have had a significant influence and contributed significantly to efforts to address societal problems. The senior population has benefited from the efforts of organisations like OOPOEH, which have contributed to the reduction of feelings of isolation and the enhancement of opportunities for physical activity. The resources necessary to establish StreetVet’s first approved hostel scheme, which will provide shelter for homeless people and their dogs, were granted to the organisation. Last but not least, a charitable organisation known as Medical Detection Dogs was given funding in order to further the development of diagnostic procedures that are quicker, more accurate, and less invasive, all of which should ultimately result in improved health outcomes for patients.

CEO of Nestlé Purina PetCare in Europe, Jeff Hamilton, made the following statement: “We are aware that there is power in the bond that exists between humans and their domesticated animals, and that this strength possesses the potential to act as a positive driving force behind social transformation. Although we are pleased with what we have accomplished so far, we are well aware that there is still more work to be done. Because of this, we are encouraging any organisation that works to provide assistance to persons in precarious situations and that has carried out projects related to this area to submit an application for the Prize and become a part of this community.

To be able to help significant organisations grow and scale their influence, constant support in the form of a grant lasting for two years is essential. This is especially true in times as difficult as today. We are dedicated to using the expertise, experien

Through its BetterWithPets Prize, Purina announces a fresh wave of sponsorship.