‘They’re coming, get ready’: Argos’ 2022 commercial celebrates the return of the big Christmas get-together.

November 14, 2022

‘They’re coming, get ready’: Argos’ 2022 commercial celebrates the return of the big Christmas get-together.

This year’s story, which immerses viewers in the loving chaos of a busy Christmas day, revolves around a young couple who expect a small and quiet dinner but are surprised when friends and family descend en masse.

Argos demonstrates that this year’s Christmas celebrations are for everyone, from partygoers to football fans and excited children.
The full advertisement, which will air on ITV and Sky channels at 5:30pm on November 9th, can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMeSvTsPl0g

Argos’ Christmas advert, celebrating the welcome return of fun-loving, chaotic Christmas get-togethers, will air for the first time on ITV and Sky channels on November 9th at 5:30pm.

This year’s commercial marks the return of Christmas as we know it, with family, friends, and neighbours all showing up to celebrate together.

The commercial begins in a home decorated for Christmas, where a couple is quietly preparing for the big day. As he places a bowl of crisps on the table and asks, “so how many are coming?” his wife responds, “hmm just a few,” completely unaware of the number of people about to descend on their home.

The scene shifts to a crowd of excited neighbours wearing festive garb and holding presents and champagne flutes while chanting “party.” The scene then shifts to a group of enthusiastic bakers wearing colourful aprons and running with trifles in hand, before focusing on some children who have also joined the crowd.

As the soundtrack builds in volume, the wine glasses, Christmas tree, and bowl of crisps begin to shake, revealing an orchestral version of Opus’ Live is Life, now synonymous with Argos, as the advertisement focuses on the crowds approaching the house. As the massive crowd approaches, the couple looks at each other, wide-eyed and terrified.

As the crowd grows, the advertisement cuts to a couple frantically running with their babies, followed by a pair laughing hysterically at the joke from their already opened Christmas cracker. The scene pans out to a wide shot of the crowd, which is charging down the street and includes everyone, from football fans to family and friends carrying suitcases and pillows.

The couple is taking deep breaths as they become more aware of the chaos that is about to greet them, and the wife assures her husband that “it’s going to be okay” before the champagne from the crowd is popped.

The crowd is finally joined by a spirited group of children firing nerf guns, before cutting to an aerial shot of the cul-de-sac filled with all of the various groups of people. “They’re coming,” says the message on the screen.

The couple examines the nibbles, and the husband pulls out the Argos app, which displays the Habitat Dipped Speckle Stoneware Serve Bowl, saying, “We’re going to need a bigger bowl,” demonstrating that Argos has everything you need to make this Christmas extra special. After that, the doorbell rings and the Argos logo appears.

'They're coming, get ready': Argos' 2022 commercial celebrates the return of the big Christmas get-together.

“We know how difficult the last few years have been for everyone, so we really wanted to bring a smile to viewers’ faces by highlighting the fun and comedic moments of Christmas get-togethers, along with the unique experience of being able to bring everyone, from all ages and backgrounds, to share a wonderful Christmas together at home,” said Rob Quartermain, Head of Marketing Campaigns at Argos. This year’s commercial aims to highlight that moment, as well as how Argos has everything you need to make this Christmas truly memorable.”

The&Partnership created this year’s advertisement. The 30-second commercial debuts on TV and social media for the first time on Wednesday, November 9th. Four different 10″ edits are also expected to hit TV and social media by the end of November.