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Thursday, September 21, 2023
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The Wheel Is Within Reach With Walmart’s New Associate-to-Driver Program


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Associates at Walmart are aware of the significant impact that our Private Fleet, which consists of more than 13,000 drivers, has across the company. Without the drivers that are a part of our Private Fleet, we simply would not be able to fulfil our mission of delivering fantastic goods at unbeatable prices. In point of fact, a good number of Walmart employees have long had an interest in filling these driver roles on their own but have felt constrained from doing so due to the amount of time and money required for training.

That’s why the launch of our Fleet Development program last year

was such a game-changer because it provided associates working in the supply chain in certain regions of the country with the opportunity to get their commercial driver’s licence (CDL) and become full-fledged Private Fleet Walmart drivers.

The wonderful news that I have to share with you today is that we are going to extend the scope of the pilot programme. This means that employees who are employed in stores, distribution centres, fulfilment centres, and transportation offices in locations that are taking part in the programme will be eligible to take advantage of it.

Associates working in stores, distribution centres, fulfilment centres, or transportation offices located within a radius of fifty miles of a participating transportation office will be eligible to apply for the Associate-to-Driver programme as a result of the expansion of the pilot programme currently being tested. Following successful completion of the 12-week training course and receipt of their CDLs, candidates will be eligible for a desirable driving position with Walmart. In addition to the other advantages that are provided by the firm, Walmart drivers have the potential to earn up to $110,000 in their first year of employment with the company. And that’s just the beginning; drivers who have been working for Walmart for a longer period of time have the potential to earn even more money because to criteria such as location and longevity.

How would you describe the path that a genuine associate takes during their career? The Associate-to-Driver programme recently had celebrations for its most recent graduates in Dover, Delaware, and Sacramento, California. Both cities are located in the United States. After successfully completing the programme, Levor Franklin is living out his ambitions by working as a driver for Walmart. Get to know Levor and find out more about the path his career has taken.

Participants in the Associate-to-Driver programme have the opportunity to receive driving instruction from Walmart’s most experienced drivers, who are also currently employed in the company. Our company’s fleet receives consistent praise for the attention to safety that it pays. In point of fact, for the past six years in a row, the American Trucking Association has honoured Walmart as having the Safest Fleet in the Over 250 Million Mile Division. By beginning the training of our new drivers on day one with this programme, we can assist encourage them to approach all aspects of the job with a focus on the principles of safety, courtesy, and pride. This ensures that we will never fail to meet the expectations of our fleet, our clients, or our families.

The programme is beneficial for associates since it gives them the opportunity to advance their careers without having to look elsewhere for work. It’s a victory for Walmart, as it allows us to keep pouring money into our incredibly skilled workforce of employees. And because our fleet continues to deliver each and every day, it’s a victory for both our customers and our members as well.

It is an honour to be a part of one of the largest private fleets in the world, and we have every intention of continuing to build our team by recruiting and retaining the most skilled drivers in the business. To submit your application to drive for Walmart

The Wheel Is Within Reach With Walmart's New Associate-to-Driver Program


visit drive4walmart.com.


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